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Thursday, July 24, 2003

amanda peterson

Yesterday was one of those days where I went with that old saying; "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all", or something like that. I was in a horrible mood all day and there really wasn't any good reason for it. I wonder if scientists ever studied random grumpiness. Maybe its some type of weird temporary chemical imbalance.

This Cat Burglar Is Really a Cat. And it really is!

Thank gosh tomorrow I am off (the first day off since vacation was over). Its almost like a little slice of vacation. Of course I work the rest of the weekend, but oh well. I'm going to try to do a bunch of stuff tonight so I can do nothing tomorrow. On the list. vacuuming most of the house, litterboxes, and I might actually clean a window or to. Wait a minute, I just realized "Keen Eddie' is on tonight, so I'll probably only vacuum.

Unlike most days today I am incredibly busy. Its actually been busy the last two days so I haven't had a lot of time to some internet surfing (and blogging), I hope this trend doesn't continue. One interesting thing, I found a blog that I think belongs to a "call girl" (you know, a woman of the night), but I'm reading it to see if its not a fake, if its real (and not vulgar) I'll post the link. I think that would be a blogger first.

I just read that our very own state of Pennsylvania is the nations number one importer of garbage. Whoo hoo!! We're number one!!!

Okay, it wasn't the blog of an actual call girl, it was the blog of a retired call girl.

Wow, today was busy. Time to go home soon. I barely got to post anything today and there was all kinds of cool stuff to write about, like that giraffe that got stuck by lightening (well that wasn't cool), and the purple polar bear (I would love to get that stuff for one of my cats). Maybe I'll get a chance to write about that tonight.
Breakfeast- Anti-pasta salad. (I know thats not a breakfeast food, but someone at work brought a bunch in and it saved me a trip to McDonalds).
Lunch- Stuffed peppers (with tomato sauce) mixed vegtables.
Dinner- 2 Barbecued chicken breasts, corn (I was too lazy to make rice or mashed potatos.

7/24/2003 07:20:00 AM
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