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Monday, July 21, 2003


No, your AP Site author has not forgotten this blog. We've had huge problems logging onto the internet (or even getting a dial tone) cause of a bunch of humongo thunderstorms. I just hope we get the cable tv back before this weekend. I hope to be back in the saddle tomorrow (tuesday)! I'm amazed I was able to log on tonight (even if its at like 33,600 kbs or something). Of course now its the end of the day and I'm exhausted. On a completley unrelated note, I just saw the new Subway (the sandwhich place) commercial about the folks that are on the subway diet. I have to admit, Subway is great, but only when you have a Subway worker that gives you a generous proportion of stuff on your sandwhich. We have a Subway near work but whenever you go there and order a sub, they are so cheap with the fixings that all you get is bread and something that remotley looks like what they are promoting on the commercials. I'm guessing thats how Jared lost all his weight, he went to a Subway like the one near where I work, where when you order the meatball sub they give you like a quarter meatball on a half a loaf of bread. I do dig though how if you buy five subs you get one free. I am such a sucker for a promotional.

7/21/2003 08:01:00 PM
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