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Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Vacation Journal Day 5

Yesterday we went to the Gettysburg Battlefield, which was totally awesome and totally exhausting. We first started by taking one of the bus tours (they have those double decker buses so you can sit on top) and than walked the really important parts. Unlike last time (two years ago) I rememberd to bring a back pack and a ton of water. We were able to walk though the Little Round Top area (you know, where they did that charge in the movie) and the Devils Den. According to the tour guide, during the battle it was about 20 degrees hotter than it was yesterday, and more humid, which I can't even fathom. It was hard enough just to walk through it as a tourist, much less actually fight a battle there. We stopped at McDonalds before going home (that McDonalds must make like ten billion dollars a year), it is always packed to the gills.

Today was recuperation day (North Carolina Trip coming up on Friday!). Woke up around 10:30am, and lazed around for the rest of the morning. Watched "The Big Lebowski" this afternoon and then went to Hoss's for dinner. I always get the steak deal at Hoss's, but the one thing I really love about them is at the salad bar they have this thing called "bacon dressing". A dressing made out of bacon, how cool is that? I spread it on the bread from the salad bar. Another cooll thing about Hosses is that they are not afraid to make a rare steak (you have to tell them to not use spices when they make your steak though, or else it tastes salty).

Tomorrow we're going to the Amazing Maize Maze (I'd link it but its one of those sites that play midi-music as soon as you load it up and totally screws up whatever music you might be listening to on your computer). Its this huge maze cut out of a cornfield. They say it takes on an average about an hour to find your way through it, we've never been able to find our way out in less than two hours (thank God they have water fountains throughout the entire maze). There's no McDonalds nearby, but there is a Burger King like a couple miles down the road.
Breakfeast- Two sunny side up eggs, 2 hashbrowns, sausage.
Lunch- Pretty much skipped it in preperation for Hosses, although I did have dill pickle an hour or so after breakfeast and a cheese sandwhich during "The Big Lebowski".
Dinner- Steak (as rare as the law will allow), baked potato, corn, salad bar, at Hosses.
Note- I plan on having two egg salad sandwhiches tonight before I go to bed (and another dill pickle).

7/16/2003 07:38:00 PM
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