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Friday, July 18, 2003

Vacation Journal Day 7

Well, I should be on my way to North Carolina right now, but the folks we were to visit had a bit of a family emergency so we are putting off our trip till the last weekend of August. Kind of a bummer, but its kind of not a bummer cause there are a bunch of things I can do around the house this weekend (and I am certainly very much liking just hanging around the house and just making day trips). It like I almost don't remember what the alarm clock sounds like!

So yesterday we did the Amazing Maize Maze. I know I've said a billiion times that it normally takes us about two hours to find our way out (and the average time is like an hour to find your way out). Well, I'm not to proud of our performance today (even though it was a ton of fun!), but this is the first year (out of four, counting this year) that we had to get help to get out. Throughout the maze they have these huge flagpoles with flags that if you are having an emergency or ready to give up that you grab and raise up above the corn and wave, and than the folks who are working the maze come and help you find your way out. Well, after 2 hours and 15 minutes of wandering the maze, we went to the flag. I'm not proud of going to the flag, but we were completely lost. I think this years maze was much harder than the last few cause before we went to the flag to have help finding our way out we saw a bunch of other folks do it too. I make this solemn vow, next year, I will conquer the maze (in less than an hour).

So the new plan for the last three days of vacation is this; barbecuing tomorrow night, lots of doing nothing during tomorrow during the day, and going up North to see the parents on Sunday. My neighbor Spencer is coming over for the bbq to show me how to use these bbq'ing wood chips in the grill to make everything taste better. I really think Spence is coming over cause he's bored because his wife and kid and are away visiting some in laws for the weekend. Spence also told me that he has a really great recipe for bbq sauce that includes using Jim Beam. I really doubt that bbq sauce tastes much better with that in it (but just like Spence I'm sure, I am looking forward to drinking Jim Beam while making the sauce). We're also thinking about inviting over our new neighbor (the one that looks like Manuel Noriega) over for the BBQ too, but we'll see how that goes.
Breakfeast- Two egg salad sandwhiches and orange juice (yea, its a weird breakfeast, but I was super lazy this morning), it did taste really good though!
Lunch- 2 Hot dogs w/cheese, relish, ketchup, and french fries.
Dinner- General Tso's(sp?) chicken combo from the "Panda Buffet", with pork fried rice and an egg roll (their eggrolls always taste more like breakfeast burritos than anything else, thats okay, the cats love them).

7/18/2003 08:41:00 PM
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