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Saturday, July 12, 2003


Vacation Journal Day One

Reporting live, here from Vactionland, I have to say, the vacation is truly superb. This morning I woke up at 11:36AM (it kind of blew my mind to wake up and see that on the clock). I'm sorry, but I have to say it again. This morning I woke up at 11:36AM. I laid in bed for another half hour or so and watched TV and thought about going back to sleep but I couldn't cause I just wasn't tired anymore. Oh my gosh, let me say that again too, I wasn't tired anymore. How cool is that?!

Last night we celebrated the first night of vacation (which might explain me getting up close to noon), and I have to say, I don't remember a whole heck of a lot. I do remember listening to The Velvet Underground and some Shania Twain, but its kind of foggy. I also remember grabbing Mr. Black (my cat) and putting a little red Superman cape on him (I took it off him this a.m., he seemed kind of peed off at that, cause I guess he liked sleeping on his cape), but oh well.

When I did wake up I had a huge humongo breakfeast (details later) and watched "A Bugs Life" and "Jackie Brown". I did some weeding in the backyard and picked some roses from the big thorny rose bush in the back yard (to make potpourri(sp?), I don't know how that works, but I was told to do it, so I did it). Its weird but the flowers I picked (in real life) didn't seem to look near as good as Bud's Flowers. Than we pretty much lazed out for the rest of day. Tonight I made spaghetti with pork sauce. Pork sauce being tomato sauce with a lot of pork (sliced and cooked) in it.

I don't know if I am going to get a chance to post anything tomorrow, we're going to see the late showing of "Finding Nemo" at the movie theatre.
Breakfeast-Cheese Omelot, French Toast (lots of French toast, I mean lots. Imagine a lot of French Toast and multiply it by two).
Lunch/Dinner-Spaghetti wth pork and sauce
Evening Snack-Chicken wings from the pizza place (delivered).

7/12/2003 08:17:00 PM
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