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Monday, August 25, 2003

Well, if you came by here between Friday night and Saturday morning you got to read Friday's post, but now you can't because it looks like on Saturday morning I deleted it. I was trying to edit it, and I thought I did, but I guess I deleted it. I don't remember exactly what was in Friday's post, there was a link to Darcy's ranking of the physical attractiveness of the Presidential candidates, and I think I posted the words to my favorite Motel 6 commercial. Anyways, the weekend was cool, although on Friday I think I had cold or a bug or something. I felt just poorly enough to be grumpy most of the day, but by Sunday I was fine. I also found someone to cut the grass on Saturday (whoo hoo!), and it only cost fifteen dollars. I'm hoping it becomes a continous thing, and if the guy shovels snow, well that would just be awesome.

Man Suspected of Killing Woman Over a Beer. That brings new meaning to the term; "alcohol was a factor".

Well I was almost late to work today because I didn't take into account today is the first day of school for a lot of highschoolers and I got trapped behind a million buses. I remember when I was in high school the first day was never until after labor day, it must stink to go to school now. I guess they get off earlier though. Also I noticed that buses make a lot more stops than when I was in high school when you had to walk like five blocks to your assigned bus stop. Now it seems like they pick the kids up right at their house.
This is interesting, a co-worker just told me that Bubba from In The Heat Of The Night (Alan Autry) is the mayor of Fresno, California. I wonder if he's related to Gene Autry. I loved In The Heat Of The Night, but I've seen so many reruns of it I really can't watch it anymore. It amazes me how much Carol O'Oconner looked like Rod Steiger in the actual movie.

Okay, Alan Autry is not related to Gene Autry, and he actually played for a few years with the Green Bay Packers as a back up quarteback, under his real name, Carlos Brown. I can't find any stats or anything, but even making the Packers is a pretty decent accomplishment I guess. According to what I'm reading, he played from 1975-1976, the details I have been able to come up with are sketchy so I don't know more than that.

I've got a craving for pancakes. It kind of just hit me out of the blue (like I guess all my food cravings do). I used to love pancakes and I remember that one summer (I think 1995) I ate pancakes like everymorning and occasionally would have them at night and I suddenly at the end of the summer go so sick of them I couldn't stand them anymore. It was like a couple years before I even had them again. Now I think I am approaching that cycle again. Of course pancakes aren't good unless you have syrup and bacon or sausage to help sop up the syrup. I did see someone once put powdered sugar on a pancake and eat it like that, which just seemed like a waste of a decent pancake.

8/25/2003 07:49:00 AM
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