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Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Okay, back in the saddle. Today started out as bit of a bummer, I forgot to stop at McDonalds so I'm going to starve until noon. Normally I bring my lunch and dinner in from home and order out for breakfeast but I figured I'd eat out all day. (If I had brought my lunch or dinner I could have eaten them for breakfeast). And of course I can't slip out cause someone called in sick and we are still on this disturbing trend of being really busy at work.

Man in Hospital After Missing Lottery Jackpot. From what I understand this guy had the winning lottery ticket for 66 million dollars and didn't turn it in on time, so he doesn't get the money. I'd probably have to throw myself off a cliff. How do you live knowing that you absentmindedly forgot to turn in your $66 million dollar ticket? Heck, I'm having trouble with just having to deal with forgetting to stop at McDonalds.

The second day of vacation in N.C. was okay, it was hot, but pretty much everyone stayed inside so I never really had trouble with that. The air conditioning wasn't working in the room we stayed in on Sunday night so what I did (and I'm sure there is a million doctors that will tell you this dead wrong, but you do what you have to do) was drink a lot more adult beverages so that I would pretty much sleep until the morning. The trip down was partly extended because we made an error (I only made half the error, I wasn't driving I was in the passenger seat holding the map and daydreaming) and took the eastern route around Washington D.C. instead of the shorter western route (I forget the name, 295 I think). So that kind of delayed the trip but I did get to see the Washington Monument (just barely,way off) from the bridge over the Potomac river, which is when I actually realized that I am suddenly afraid of bridges. I didn't like going over that bridge one bit, which is strange, cause I've never minded it before. All I could think about (outside of seeing the Washington Monument) was getting accross the bridge as quick as possible. Maybe thats an aging thing, like how last year I suddenly realized (at the top of the Super Duper Luper at Hershey Park) that I didn't like roller coasters anymore.

On long road trips I never do the driving, not because I don't like driving, but because I love just sitting back and reading or watching scenery (daydreaming). One of the things I love the most is reading bumper stickers (not the politcial ones). I could never understand why folks would take the risk of putting a political bumper sticker on their vechicle (unless like you worked for a candidate, than thats just something your supposed to do). I'd be to afraid that the cop who pulled me over for whatever reason would not agree with who I thought should be elected President or whatever and if he was on the fence about wether to give me a ticket, that would be the deciding factor. So I guess what I am saying is I'm a big chicken when it comes to that. But anways, the point I was trying to make was I really didn't see many bumper stickers in comparison to a lot of the previous trips I've made, which was kind of a bummer. I guess they're going out of style. I've never had a bumper sticker, but I really do like to read the funny ones. I tried to look on the internet to see if the bumper sticker business was in trouble but I couldn't find anything about how well the business was or not. I did read a few funny ones on the trip though, but I can only remember a couple;

"Buckle up, it makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car."

"Jesus is coming, and he's pissed."

8/20/2003 07:44:00 AM
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