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Saturday, August 09, 2003


I am noticing a disturbing trend at work, yesterday I was really busy. This has happened like three times in the last two weeks and it is definatly something to be concerned about. Yea, I expect like once or twice a month I'm going to have to buckle down and do real work, but three times in as many weeks? Lets just hope the trend stops now. Anyways I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to post yesterday so I'll just run down the highlights of the day. Mcdonalds for lunch, a decent nap (although a costly one, I took it in the car with the air conditioning on, and with the price of gas, well you know). Pea soup for dinner and than at home I made stuffed peppers and watched tv. I had a few adult beverages and went to bed. Oh yea, I stopped at one of the Amish foods stands and got a dozen ears of corn, 4 lbs of tomatos, and four peppers for only $8, how cool is that?.

Researchers Help Fat Felines Battle the Bulge. Okay, I didn't read the story but you've got to love the picture of the big white cat.

Things I hope I live to see:

A cloned dinosaur (preferrable a tyranosaurus rex)

Quebec secede from Canada and the rest of Canada becoming States (if they want to of course).

Toy Story 3

The New York Giants start calling themselves the New Jersey Giants, cause thats where they play. New York can keep the Jets.

At the end of the NFL Season, a week after the Superbowl, the worst NFL team should play the number one ranked college team.

Finding out who really shot JFK, and who killed Marylin Monroe. And Jimmy Hoffa, or in Jimmy's case, at least finding out where they put Jimmy.

A car like the one in the Demolition Man, that when you crash it, all kinds of foam fills up the car and keeps you alive.

A car that runs on water, or gas at like 50 cents a gallon.

Heated roads that prevent ice and snow from forming on them in the winter, or a chemical you can put on a road to prevent them from freezing. If not one of those two then a state law the requires all businesses to shut down in bad weather. If none of those are possible, I nice house for me in the South.

Okay, tomorrow is a day off, which I am so looking forward. Especially because today is Saturday, which means, stayin up late tonight. I think we're having folks over for Trivial Pursuit, so I better stop at the liquor store on the way home. Of the last five times I've gone to the liquor store I've been carded twice. One time it was a guy I didn't recognize (I know the the employees names at the store near where I work, how sad is that) and I think he was an undercover state trooper. He just had that look about him.
I noticed that the Steelers are playing the Lions in preseason football today, but I can never really watch the Steelers during preseason cause they never play to win. I can't stand to watch them lose even if the game doesn't matter. Which reminds me, I have to post my AFC East preview at the end of the day today.

You know how famous folks go around and do speeches and get a lot of money for them? Well I found a site that has a bunch of those famous folks and their fees.

Steve Young (49'rs qb) $50,000-$75,000.
Bob Woodward, Watergate dude, $10,000-$20,000.
Lynn Swann Steelers wider reciever from years ago, $20,000 to $30,000.
Ben Stein $30,000 to $50,000
Don Shula $20,000 to $30,000 (grossly underpaid if you ask me, he could get $50,000 I think).
Doc Searls $10,000 to $20,000 Or you could read his weblog for free. I like to read it cause he is super smarter than me, and every now and again he'll write something that I can understand which will make me feel smart.
Dr. Schlessinger $50,000 to $70,000. I wouldn't want her cause I would be to afraid to make her angry. I've heard her show, I don't want to make her angry.
Bryant Gumbel
Greg Gumbel The unique thing about the Gumbel brother pages is that (well Bryant gets a little more), they use the same picture (of Greg), for Bryant's page too.
There's a bunch more there (the guy who played gopher on the Loveboat for $20,000 I think), I just didn't have the time to post them all.

Oh thank gosh, the end of the day! Well, here at work I didn't solve any major world problems, or have any deep conversations about the meaning of life or anything, but I do get to go home. (Which I enjoy doing a lot more than those other two things).
There is nothing better than the end of the work day! Unless, I guess, if you love your job. Than I guess the end of the day would be a bummer. But than again, if you love your job, you can't really think of it as a job, it would be more like a hobby that pays. I guess. Okay, I better stop now.
Breakfeast-McDonalds Sausage biscuit meal (w/coffee)
Lunch- 2 Tuna fish sandwhiches.
Dinner- Stuffed peppers and salad.

8/09/2003 08:37:00 AM
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