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Saturday, August 30, 2003

These last few days have been absolutley miserable. On thursday at work I noticed that my leg (inbetween the knee and the hip) was hurting. I figured maybe I just bumped my leg sometime and didn't remember it. Well anways, by the time I got home that night just about every muscle I have was starting to hurt. So I did what I'm sure every medical doctor would advice me of, I drank a few adult beverages and the pain went away. Until morning. When I woke up I was sure I was dying cause I could barely make it down the steps. So I stayed home and pretty much figured this was some terrible illness and I'd be knocking on heavens door (like I do with just about any illness I get). It went away for a while late yesterday, but than I started to feel a bit feverish and the muscle pain started in the early evening. So I took some Tylenol Cold and Flu Nightime (liquid form, it really didn't even taste bad) and of course I slept great. This morning there was still some muscle pain but not near close to yesterdays. I'm guessing this was some type of virus. I cannot stand being sick. At least I didn't have nausea, thats the absolute worst.

Have you ever stolen a towel from Holiday Inn? I know I have. Holiday Inn Offers Towel Thieves Amnesty . The cool thing is, is that they don't seem to mind you taking a towel. I always felt guilty after taking a towel, but they are good towels.

Today is certainly a weird day at work. Its a Saturday but there were all kinds of computer realted problems and now the bosses are here, wandering, doing stuff. I don't know exactly what they're doing, but I probably don't want to know either. The bummer about it is it ruins the Saturday atmosphere. On Saturdays and Sundays there are never any important people and us unimportant people that are here are always super relaxed. Now we're all acting like its a weekday or something. Its funny to see the look on a coworkers face when they walk in and realize that the important people are here, at first they're all Saturday happy and than you can see the look of recognition on their face, and than a frown. Hopefully it won't last much longer.

My big labor day weekend plans are this; I have tomorrow off but I work on Monday. So there aren't really any big plans. I was thinking about going up the parents for the day tomorrow but I have to be in here bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8am on Monday. I could go up in the morning and than leave early but the last time I did that I had to much fun and decided that I would just wake up early the next day I totally regretted having to wake up at 6am and drive an hour and a half to work. I can't go up there, have a lot of fun and leave suddenly, than it wouldn't be fun at all. I guess I could go up there and hope that I wouldn't have any fun and than it wouldn't be a problem to leave early, but that would defeat the whole purpose of going up there. I hope that made sense. You see how work just messes everything up? One cool thing about having to work the holiday (outside of the overtime) is I Tuesday and Wednesday off.
Oh, here's one interesting thing of note. Someone just asked me if the Burger King down the road had "sweet potato fries". I don't think they do, at least I haven't heard anything, but my gosh that sounds like a good idea.

Breakfeast- The Big Deluxe Breakfeast at McDonalds (with coffee).
Lunch- Turkey Club from the deli a block away from where I work.
Dinner- Liver and Onions, with mashed potatoes and gravy.

8/30/2003 11:18:00 AM
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