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Saturday, August 02, 2003

amanda peterson

Oh, this is cool, I just saw a diabetes commecial with some of the old cast members of M.A.S.H., Harry Morgan (Col. Potter), Radar, and Klinger. Radar looked kind of old but the other two folks looked really good. Cool.

Well its just about time to go home. I spent most of the workday pretty much just reading the news and looking at all kinds of other junk on the internet. I didn't work here before the internet was around but I imagine it must have been pretty boring. I probably would read a lot more books. I remember I used to read books a long time ago. I'm not going to list what I had at each meal today cause I woke up, skipped breakfeast (lazy), had pizza for lunch (Dominos) and just had more pizza for dinner (Dominos). There's a really good chance I'm going to have pizza as a snack later too.

Its that time of the year again, time for your;


I did a shortened version of this last year, and I liked it so much that this year I'm going to write a huge one. Instead of posting it all at once (it would be like eight pages long) I'll just preview one division a day.

Note:In case I write something not so good about your favorite team, there is a margin for error here. Last year I think I got only one prediction right (out of 32 I think).

AFC North

1) Pittsburgh Steelers

I think it should be pretty easy for the Steelers to take the division. Their only major weakness this year is the same one as last year, their pass defense. Last year all anybody had to do was pass against us fifty times a game and they had a chance of winning. Here’s a fact that’s a stupefying as any out there, the Cinncinnati Bengals realized that’s how you beat the Steelers three years ago, it just took everyone else two years to realize it also. I think Tommy Maddox will have a good season (I don’t think he was a fluke) and I wish we had given him more money, I mean, my gosh, his back up makes more. I doubt Jerome Bettis is going to be able to stay healthy the whole year, so Amos Zerouae(sp?) is probably going to have to be the new “bus”.

2) Cleveland Browns

I think the Browns are a lot stronger than anyone thinks. If their smart (in my opinion) they’ll start Holcomb instead of Couch. Their defense was kind of stinky last year but now they have Dave Campo who really wasn’t a good head coach (probably not his fault) but is a great coordinator. I think Dave Campo is the guy in Dallas that had all the pens and smoked a lot. The Browns also have the added benefit of getting to play the Ravens and the Bengals twice each during the season, which pretty much guarantees four wins. They might actually even make the playoffs.

3) Baltimore Ravens

In my opinion the only reason the Ravens won’t come in last place in this division is because the Bengals are the only other team. The Ravens are shell of their former selves (when they won the Superbowl). If your team can handle Ray Lewis, you’ve got a good chance of beating the Ravens. I also don’t like the theory that some teams have that all you need is a good defense and an offense that doesn’t make mistakes to be successful, I think that’s kind of a flukish thing that happened in a couple Superbowls.

4) Cincinnati Bengals

I know a lot of folks think that the Bengals are degenerate losers that never win, but that’s just not true at all. They’re actually just a victim of the worst front office and ownership decisions since Asa Candler sold the bottling rights for Coca Cola for a dollar back in 1898. As my father is fond of saying, these folks couldn’t poor water from a boot with the instructions written on the heal. They do have Marvin Lewis know as head coach, and if anyone can turn this team around its him, its just going to take a couple years. I feel sorry for he players and the fans.

8/02/2003 09:55:00 AM
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