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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Well if its Sunday, I must be at work. Luckily I have the tv all to myself today, although that doesn't change the fact that I'm super bored. I wish McDonalds had delivery service, I'm hungry but I'm all pizzad out. I may try to sneak out to McDonalds. I'd go to the Chinese place next to McDonalds but they are so slow when it comes to cooking (the restaurant in particular, not all Chinese people).

I haven't done this in awhile (its been raining a lot) but I finally got a chance to wash the car (automatic bay, I'm to lazy to actually get out of the car and scrub it) and vacuum it out. I was pretty happy with the contents I found (mostly the money).

1). $3.67 (how cool is that? I think its a new record, I actully even found a dollar bill).
2). A half a pack of cigarettes (whoo hoo!)
3). Cough drops, about five.
4). Half a hash brown underneath the passenger seat, yea, it grosses me out too.
5). Last months bank statement which I thought had accidentally thrown out, I meant to put it in the glove box to take home but I ended up accidentally throwing it out at the car wash.
6). A coupon for a free coffee at McDonalds, of course it was expired.
7). A small unopened package of Cheez-It's. Since its been super hot this month and its been a month since I vacuumed the car, I thought it best just to throw them out.
8). 2 lighters.

Well, almost done with today. We're going up North to visit the parents tomorrow so I can't imagine that I'll post anything up there. I think we're grilling to. That would be nice cause they have me doing the grilling now which means I can make my steak as rare as I want it (for some reason, my parents just can't grill a steak rare correctly, and they're like expert cooks, both of them, go figure). I think tomorrow nights plan is for us all to have adult beverages and play rummy (500), which I usually lose. Thats okay, when I do win, its like a major event.
Breakfeast- The new McDonalds breakfeast sandwhich (the one with the maple syrup in bun), it was actually very good, a little on the sweet side, but definatly a good sandwhich, 2 hashbrowns.
Lunch- 2 tuna fish sandwhiches (doesn't sound like much, but trust me, they were big sandwhiches).
Dinner- Meatball sandwhich from the pizza place, garlick knots.

Your Ap Site 2003 NFL Preview Part 2

NFC East

1). Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles actually lost last year’s Superbowl eight years ago in 1995. I know this because I was sitting in the parking lot of the Fairlane Village Mall in Pottsville Pennsylvania listening to it on the radio. You see it was draft day and while one of my friends was inside shopping I was listening to the draft on a.m. sports radio. I think it was like the first round and the Eagles passed on Warren Sapp because of rumors that he smoked marijuana a few years earlier or something, and they took someone else. I remember the Philadelphia sports d.j. freaking out that the Eagles didn’t take him. After watching Tampa Bay beat the Eagles in the playoffs last year I was like; “Oh my gosh, the sports guy was right!”.
Now the Eagles find themselves in worse position on defense then they were last year. Their offense hasn’t changed but I think they are counting on too many new faces on defense to do all that well, but defiantly well enough to take the NFC East (albeit closely, from the Giants).

2). East Rutherford Giants

The more I think about it, the more I think that the Giants might actually take this division, but there are too many what ifs. They’ve improved all around so they technically should do better next year and make it deeper into the playoffs. The only problem is that it seems that in the middle of the season the Giants get lethargic, start losing a bunch of games they should have won, and than end up having to win their last five or something to make it into the playoffs. I also have a personal stake in hoping the Giants don’t win the Superbowl. Years ago (I can’t remember exactly which year) I was at this golf charity event (I don’t remember the charity either). My friend and I heard that some of the players from Penn State would be there so we went and I got to meet Kerry Collins (when he was QB for the Lions). I shook his hand and we talked for a minute (I think I told him I wanted him to try out for the Steelers) but I never asked for an autograph. It would kill me to see the Giants and Kerry Collins win a Superbowl band I could have had the winning quarterbacks autograph but I forgot to ask. (This reminds me, I often say that the only celebrity I’ve ever seen in real life was the back of Dan Quayles head through binoculars, but I guess I can count Collins, even though it was before he was famous). Oh yea, the reason I call them the East Rutherford Giants is cause they play in New Jersey, and as a Jersey native, I think they should technically belong to Jersey. Oh yea, for the record, Kerry Collins seemed to be a super nice guy, very polite.

3).Washington Redskins

I can’t stand it when teams constantly change their quarterbacks every week, it never ever works (well it works in the Madden NFL video game) but not in real life. An offense can’t do well when they don’t know whose going to be running the show from week to week. I got a chance to watch a few Redskins games last year and see Steve Spurriers Fun and Gun offense and it didn’t seem to me like they were having much fun at all. The only chance these folks have is if they tell Pat Ramsey that he is the starter through thick or thin. Since they didn’t take any really well known quarterbacks to back him up, maybe that’s what they are doing. One other problem they have is that their schedule this year looks brutal. I just don’t think they’ll fare very well. The Redskins really confuse me cause from I understand, Steve Spurrier is a really smart guy, and they should have done better last year.

4).Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys will come in last but just barely. I think Parcell’s is a good coach, but I think that all the hype about him is making people think he can turn the Cowboys into Superbowl contenders in one season. He’ll do a great job of rebuilding (providing that in a fit of rage he doesn’t end up in jail on homicide charges for doing in Jerry Jones). Its going to take a couple years but the Cowboys will end up in the playoffs again (they always do). I do wonder if Parcell’s has the heart to stay in the NFL that long. I don’t mean physically (he’s had some heart trouble) but the emotional heart. Anyways, this year they’ll come in last but it will be the last year they do that.

8/03/2003 10:57:00 AM
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