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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Okay, one more work day (not counting today) til the big trip down South. It was supposed to be four days but it might end up being three days cause on Friday I may have to much junk to do. We just have to make sure we make it there by early Saturday evening for the Grease party (a theme party based on Grease). Speaking of party's I have one heck of a headache because I had my own little personal party last night. Some days, here at work, the lights just seem way to bright. I know our I.T. guy (before he got laid off) came up with a way to dim the lights in his office for the morning hangovers, unfortunatly here in the cubicle world, I don't think my coworkers would appreciate me messing with their lights.

The coolest polar bear picture in the whole wide world.

It looks like the company I work for has blocked the YACCS site (our comments thingy), so I can't read any comments folks left until I get home. Maybe I should change my comments thingy. Of course I probably won't get around to it cause I'm such a procrastinator. I should at least wait a few days to see if the company unblocks it (that has happened before). I really should do some housekeeping around this site, I mean my gosh, I still have Kim's Christmas music on the left side of the blog. Maybe I can keep it there for this coming Christmas.

SI: Hall of Famer's bizarre post-mortem defies belief. It really does. (By the way, if you have a weak stomach, you should probably not read that article).

Betty got hit by the worm thats going around, and she has a pretty good description of what it does to your system.

Tonights main goal, meatballs. Tons of them. For the last two days I've been craving meatballs sandwhiches, spaghetti and meatballs, heck, even swedish meatballs. I'm of course not going to make the swedish ones, but I am going to make the normal ones. I'm going to make them in two sizes, large ones for sphaghettie sauce and small ones for the meatball hoagies (or subs, depending on what part of the country you live in). Also, I confess, I'm going to watch Paradise Hotel, I'm hooked.

Ever since the September 11th attacks here at work everyone is required to wear their company i.d. (its like a badge with your picture and name on it). I usually end up leaving mine on top of the microwave where I keep my keys and money and junk. Another thing we're supposed to do is stop anyone in the building we don't recognize and ask them for identification. I was just downstairs and there were two people I didn't recognize. Of course I didn't ask them for I.D., we have another building down the road where a bunch of folks work at and the building I'm in is kind of the headquarters building for the state, so it stand to reason that there are always going to be folks here I don't recognize. I asked one of my coworkers about it some time ago and she agreed with me, if we see someone we don't recognize we just hope they're not in the Taliban or something.

8/13/2003 07:15:00 AM
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