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Thursday, August 07, 2003

amanda peterson

I just got here to work and I've already taken three calls from Verizon telemarketers. Verizon is slowly becoming one of my most hated companies, they must have a vast armada of telemarketers out there, and really, they're not very nice when you tell them you can't speak to them. I'm not getting down on telemarketing, I know its annoying, they're just folks trying to make some money like the rest of us, but these Verizon folks are really getting on my nerve. Here I am trying to write up my preview of the AFC East and they're messing me up.

Clothing Maker: Ruben Was Paid to Wear Jerseys. I guess its really not a crime at all, but to me this was kind of underhanded of Reuban.

From what I've been reading, it looks like Fox's show Keen Eddie (which I love) has been canceled. I went to the Keen Eddie website and it looks like they are not even going to show another episode (they have like four or five they haven't shown yet). I'll take this time to air my views to the folks at Fox;

Dear Fox Entertainment Executives,

You (expletive deleted).

Sincerely, me.

I just bough two more short sleeved shirts, bringing my total now to five. This is cool cause now this means I don't have to hope that there will be at least two cool days during the work week. Well, technically it brings my total of short sleeved shirts to six but I am going to relegate one of the older short sleeved shirts to pajama wear. Of course now that I did this winter will start tomorrow.

The cleaning lady just complained to me (again) that she wishes that the few people who were still working on the second floor (most of the second floor was laid off last year) would move downstairs to our floor. That makes pretty good sense to me, I think there's only a handfull of folks up there and with vacations and all sometimes there's only one or two people up there. Half the employees were laid off from the first floor (the floor I'm on) and there are plenty of desks and such. Maybe they like the quiet up there or something. I know one or two of them will wander down to this floor every now and again just to talk to someone for the sake of beating lonliness.

Oh wow, I've been reading a book for the last hour and just realized that its time to go home.
Breakfeast-skipped, running late
Lunch-McDonalds Value Meal number 9 (filet o'fish)
Dinner-Split pea soup, 2 grilled cheese sandwhiches

8/07/2003 07:06:00 AM
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