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Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Since I've been driving the same route to work for so long I guess I can call myself pretty much an expert on how weather and other factors affect the time it takes for me to get to work. Yea, I know thats like being an expert on how I like my tea, but you get the point.

Average drive time: 40 minutes
Slight rain drive time: 50 minutes
Summer drive time, weekday: 40 minutes
Summer drive time, Sundays: 30 minutes
Thunderstorm drive time: 55 minutes
When school buses are running drive time: 45 minutes
Heavy fog drive time: 45 minutes

So pretty much school buses, heavy fog, and slight rain all have the same effect on my drive time. I can't take snow and ice into account cause those days I'm really not watching the clock so much as trying to get into work without getting into an accident. Notice the drive time on Sunday? Sure its only 30 minutes, but the sad thing is that I've worked so many Sundays that it actually made its way into my survey.

Okay, this is cool. I found the words to my favorite Motel 6 commercial. This is the one I posted on friday night and than accidentally deleted.

“Hi, Tom Bodett here.
I’ve always wondered what exactly dogs are dreaming about when they’re moving their paws and yippin in their sleep.
Some say the dream state lets the soul slip free of its earthbound shell to resume a past life. That just maybe Buster harbors the reincarnated spirit of Constantine The Eleventh, last of the Byzantine Emperors, who each night gallops once again through the rubble, tears of rage falling from one eye, tears of sorrow from the other, as the ancient walls are breached.
Personally, I’m betting that dogs are dreaming about table scraps, or chasing the neighbors cat. Just something to contemplate as you watch your dogs paws twitch at your room at Motel 6, where they have the lowest price of any national chain and were pets are welcome.
I’m Tom Bodett for Motel 6 and we’ll leave the light on for you and your best friend Buster, the Eleventh.
Motel 6 is a proud sponsor of the Humane Society of the United States.”

I just found out that one of the cats has ringworm. This is kind of shocking because I have no idea why he would have gotten it (its Boots, the cat I stole-its a long story, I wrote about it once, and I will tell the story again soon). I mean we keep the house immaculate. A field mouse did wander into the house a couple weeks ago (and met a terrible fate), mabye he got if from the field mouse. I'm still not sure which cat killed the field mouse, I think it was Mr. Black, but I can't be sure. I hope that doesn't mean the garter snake left the yard, I was counting on the garter snake to take care of the field mice. My have-a-heart trap is to big for mice. Anyways, now I am going to have to go to the vets and I just hate going to the vets for fleas or anything like that cause I hate to think what the vet is thinking. I guess its the same way if you have a kid with lice, there's nothing you can do about it, but its kind of embarrasing all the same. I remember I got lice form a kid a summer camp when I was kid and my parents were mortified (and so was the summer camp who had to deal with like thirty kids with lice two days before camp was over, the lice spread like wildfire). I did read that one of the options was to shave the cat completley, which I have to admit, it would be funny to see a completley shaved Boots.

We've got a new person starting today, which is always something exciting. Unless of couse your the new person. Part of the reason I've been at this job so long is cause I'd hate to start somewhere else and be the new person. Outside of going to the dentist I don't think there is anything more nerve racking than starting a new job. I know some folks would say the first day at a new school is nerve racking, and I'm sure it is, but at least than there are lots of other folks starting the new school too. When your the new person your the only new person and everyone is watching you and talking about you about you behind your back. Scary stuff. I'll probably be at this job until I'm like sixty seven or something.

8/26/2003 06:22:00 AM
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