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Monday, August 11, 2003


So I watched that Restaurant show last night (I think its called the "Restaurant"), its about the third time I've watched it and I am kind of addicted to it. One thing that really suprized me though is how rude a lot of the customers were. Now I've been to restaurants and the food wasn't that good, or it was cold, or the service stunk, but I've never raised my voice or was rude to any of the waiters or waitreses. I just you know grumble under my breath, leave a low tip and never go back. I mean if your steak is cold all you have to do is say to politley(sp?) say to the waitress that your steak is cold and you'd like another, you don't have to throw in a bunch of demeaning adjectives. I'm suprized some of the customers didn't get hot coffee thrown in their face or something.

Gregory Hines: 1946-2003: Crossover artist was 'last of a kind'. I liked Running Scared and History of the World but the cool thing about Hines was it was because of Running Scared that I bought my first Michael McDonald tape (he wrote the main song for Running Scared) and I've been a Michael McDonald freak every since. I hate it when on the radio they say there's a Doobie Brothers song coming up and I wait for it, and its a Doobie Brothers song from when Michael Mcdonald wasn't in the band. They should announce which Doobie Brothers song they're going to play. If I had a nickle for everytime I waited twenty minutes to hear a Michael McDonald Doobie Brothers song and ended up having to listen to "Music Is The Doctor" I'd be rich. Not that "Music Is The Doctor" isn't a good song, its okay, but its not the great stuff McDonald did with them.

Someone wheeled a table with a typewriter into the office this morning, a big electrical one. I haven't seen one of those in years. I wasn't the only one either, everyone went over to look at it and play with it for a little bit. It was a Smith Corona wit this huge ink band with correction tape. I used to have a typewrite (a Smith Corona too) with the correction tape, but I remember I always would run out of the correction tape (imagine that) and it was pretty expensive so I ended up after awhile just not using the correction feature at all. I pretty much just left the typos go. Like I do here.

Well luckily this is a short week for me, on Friday morning we're heading to North Carolina (remember back during the vacation I was going to go but didn't), and than come back on Monday. Well, coming back on Monday is the plan, I hope to come back on Sunday that way I get a day at home to laze around the house and do nothing. I just hope it isn't to hot. The only thing I really dislike about visiting the relatives down there is that they are all aclimated to the heat and I'm certainly not, so while everyone is out and about and having fun I'm near heat exhaustion sucking down gatorade like there's no tomorrow. Maybe I'll get lucky and a cold front will move through down there.

Our local library called on Saturday and left a message saying that Mini Series "Roots" DVD Set was in and I could come and pick it up today. I really want to see it (back when it was originally on tv I was probably up in my room playing with star wars action figures not interested in it at all) and I couldn't find it at Blockbuster. I remember about a year ago I went to the library looking for it and I found the whole mini series on videocassette, so I got him home and got all excited about spending most of the day watching it. I put the first tape in and realized that there was no way I was going to be able to watch it, it was a spanish version (spanish dubbed over the actor's voices). Somehow I missed the big red lettering on all the tapes that said "Spanish Version". Anyways I took it back and asked if they had an english version and they said no but they were hoping to get one soon. I put my name on the waiting list, and they actually remembered me. Of course in order to pick it up I have to pay a 3 dollar fine on a book I took out six months ago and returned late, but thats cool.

Wait Divisions, by Tom Bodett. You know Tom Bodett, he's the guy that does the Motel Six commercials. He's also a writer and has a godzillion awesome stories. I don't think there are enough Tom Bodett's in the world. Time to go home!
Breakfeast-cheese omelot, hashbrowns, sausage
Lunch-2 egg salad sandwhiches
Dinner- Chicken parmesan, corn

8/11/2003 06:24:00 AM
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