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Monday, August 18, 2003


Back from vacation! Just got back today, I had planned to get back yesterday but we didn't actually leave until Saturday (Friday just didn't work out). We did stop at the Old Country Buffet in Fredricksburg, Virginia (I think there was a big civil war battle fought near there), and that was okay. The main items were pretty much chicken but I made up for it by taking some a local state route in Virginia into N.C. instead of 95 and stopped at a great little diner where I had chicken fried steak that was to die for. I don't want to sound like a commercial, but traveling the local highways and bi-ways is really the way to travel if you have the time (the food is so much better, and the scenery too). A real quick summary before I go to bed (I'll blab more about it tomorrow), Saturday night was a lot of fun. I pretty much spent all night playing poker with the inlaws (and Jose Cuervo), and lost about $20. I blame my losses on Jose and not having played Texas Holdem in like ten years (I think I would have done a lot better with seven card stud, my preferred game). I really didn't lose money though, whoever wins had to by dinner the next night. Okay, more tomorrow, time to go to bed.
8/18/2003 07:59:00 PM
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