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Thursday, September 25, 2003


Well I got home last night, made spaghetti and sauce with pork (you cook the pork on the stove, than cut it up and add it to the sauce with all its juices) and watched "Performin As" on I think Fox. I was kind of shocked how good some of them were, especially the guy doing Freddie Mercury. I only watched the first hour though so I never found out who won, but I guess I can find that out on the internet. So anyways, after I'm done cooking I decided to go upstairs and onto the internet and I booted up the computer and my modem tried to dial into the internet (yea, I have dial up, I long one day to have dsl) but there was no dial tone. So I went downstairs and sure enough the phones not working there. It was way to late to call anyone about it so this morning I tried it again, still no phone. I got to work, called Sprint and said my phone wasn't working and they checked it and said it was, and sure enough it is. I guess I'll never know what happened. I asked them if they new of any problems in the the area and they said they didn't know. I wish I could choose a different phone company.

Unlike in America, some folks in other countries don't want to get stoned.

I just found a cool new place to nap here at work. The conference room. The chairs are really soft and it is super quiet and you are never disturbed. I guess since the layoffs last year there just isn't enough reasons (or enough folks) to have a meeting in the big conference room. It was probably the best nap at work I've had in months. I was little suspicious(sp?) of the video teleconferencing equipment in the room but after I checked to see it was unplugged, I fell fitfully asleep.

9/25/2003 07:43:00 AM
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