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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Twice this morning I've had calls from someone asking if anyone here at work speaks spanish, when I said no they got upset and hung up. The thing is, they asked me using perfect english. I guess maybe thats the only english words the two callers knew. I do keep a cheat sheet of commonly used spanish words and phrases but I really only go to that if it seems like someone is having an emergency or something. When I do use it I sound really funny though, so I really try to stay away from it. I wish I had taken Spanish in high school. Instead I took German, and failed miserably. That doesn't mean I would have passed Spanish, but you never know. I remember when in 8th grade I picked my 9th grade classes I wanted to learn German so that I could understand what they were saying in World War Two movies when they didn't use subtitles. I guess thats what happens when you let 8th graders pick their next years classes. Or at least thats what happens when you let me pick classes in 8th grade.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Pig. Thats right, the Sundance Pig.

I just read an article about how foul language has increased during the "family hour" on television, which according to the article is between 8pm-9pm. I didn't know that there was a family hour anymore cause I don't now anyone who sits down with their kids and watches tv with them between 8pm and 9pm. I know when I was growing up (thank gosh I had my own tv), I would have jumped out the window to prevent myself from watching whatever my mom was watching (the Waltons, Thornbirds, etc.). Heck, when I go visit them now I don't like most of the stuff they watch. I know they liked Family Ties but I usually never watched it with them. So I'm not sure if there was even a "family hour" back than. I can't remember any of my friends watching anything with their parents when they were young (well with the exception of my friend Jimmy, whose dad would let us watch R rated movies on HBO, so we watched tv with him a lot). Maybe me and my friends were just weird, but I doubt that there has been any such thing as a "family hour" since maybe the fifties or something.

9/23/2003 09:53:00 AM
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