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Friday, September 12, 2003



I was late for work today because my cat probably has a urinary tract infection.
And now the long version of the story. Every night in order to save time in the morning I've been picking out the next days cloths and putting them on the kitchen counter. Well this morning I was my normal hurry and after I took a shower I threw on my cloths and took off. Well about twenty five minutes into my morning drive I start smelling a faint scent of cat pee. I pull over at a gas station and sure enough there's a little wet spot on the bottom of my jeans. Now my cats rarely ever pee where their not supposed to unless one of them is ill, so this rarely happens. Well, I'm only ten minutes away from work and I can't drive back home because I'd be like an hour later or something, and I certainly can't work all day smelling like cat pee. Luckily there's a Walmart near where I work and I was able to buy a new pair of jeans (for $14 dollars which means no McDonalds lunch for me today, luckily I have emergency Ramen noodles at work) and I ended up being only ten minutes late. Now my project tonight is to try to figure out which cat has the problem, and I'm sure before we can figure out who it is they'll have peed in like ten more places. I bet this is my fault though, I was being cheap last week while shopping and I didn't buy the special urinary tract health cat food.

Police Urged to Chill Out on Cannabis Arrests. This is in Great Britain. Andy Hayman, spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers says "The theory of 'gateway' drugs doesn't stand up. "The evidence does not support that."
That may or may not be true, I really don't know. I do know that I used marijuana probably six or seven times in high school but I really never got into it cause whenever I would use it I would get the giggles something fierce. Me and my friends would be at a party and everyone would get high and enjoying the high and I would be sitting there laughing hysterically at every little thing. The first time that happened I was cool with it, but than it happened again, and than again, and it started getting embarrassing. My friend Jimmy had the same problem and after awhile we just stopped smoking it because it was getting to embarrassing. I'm told that happens to a lot of folks but when your with folks and your the only one laughing and giggling crazily, well its just embarrassing. I'll tell you one thing though, if you have anorexia or somethiing, that would solve the problem because after everytime I got high I could eat like two 12 inch american hoagies. I do remember it had to be american hoagies too, I would just get a super craving for them.

I was looking at the billboard music singles charts and it seems like the hip thing nowadays is to "feature" someone. Check it out (number on chart comes first, than song name, than artist);

2. Baby Boy, Beyonce Featuring Sean Paul
4. Into You, Fabolous Featuring Tamia Or Ashanti
5. Frontin', Pharrell Featuring Jay-Z
6. Get Low, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Featuring Ying Yang Twins
7. Crazy In Love, Beyonce Featuring Jay-Z
11. Damn!, YoungBloodZ Featuring Lil Jon
12. Can't Hold Us Down, Christina Aguilera Featuring Lil' Kim
14. Let's Get Down, Bow Wow Featuring Baby

I wonder why thats happening so much, I guess folks like it though cause its all over the charts. I wonder what it would have been like if they did that when I was in high school, it would be kind of cool to hear Duran Duran featuring the Thompson Twins or Lover Boy featuring Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force.

Breakfeast- Mcdonalds Sausage with Egg value meal, hashbrown, coffee.
Lunch- Foot long Tuna sub (with lettuce and tomato).
3pm, between Lunch and Dinner- McDonalds Value Meal 5, quarter pounder, fries, medium coke.
Dinner- Supreme Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut (only $3.95!).
Before Bed- Chicken fritters and Pizza Bites.

I'm starting to think that food is my "escape drug" or something.

9/12/2003 08:25:00 AM
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