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Monday, September 01, 2003


Well here it is a holiday and of course I'm at work. I still have all those muscle aches from a few days ago and its really starting to pee me off. I ended up staying up North yesterday and driving to work at 6 this morning and after work at 4pm I'm going to drive back cause there's a bunch of junk up there I have to pick up and take home. I'm not sure If I'm going to drive back home tonight or not. I probably will. I hate driving in the morning.

Pygmies sing of jungle hardships. I'll admit that I didn't read the news story, but my gosh that is a funny sounding headline.

Okay, almost time to home. I spend most of my labor day work day really not doing a whole heck of alot of work. I did talk to a couple people on work related things on the phone but that was about all. I think I took just as many wrong number calls. One caller called and said they wanted to order two stromboli's and when I told them they had a wrong number they got upset at me, like I had anything to do with it.
Oh, and here's a bummer I forgot to mention the other day. I was on my way to the video store, driving about 25 miles an hour, when I reached for my To Live And Die In L.A. soundtrack tape (Wang Chung did all the music and they actually did a great job) and I must have turned the steering wheel a little to far to the right when I was leaning for the tape and I ran up onto the curb and stopped with half the car on the sidewalk. I demolished my hub cap on the front passenger side, lost the cigarette I was smoking underneath the car seat and darn near had a heart attack. I don't think anyone saw it happen, if they did they probably got a kick out of seeing me jump out of the car and start frantically looking for the cigarette underneath the car seat. It is amazing how strong the impact is when you hit a curb going just 25 miles an hour.
Of course when my parents saw the damage to the hub cap I told them I did it swerving to miss a dog that had run out into the street (they're dog lovers). Felt like I was a teenager again.

9/01/2003 09:08:00 AM
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