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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Finally, having a cubicle nest to the window pays off. Now I can watch the hurricane come our way. Their predicting some pretty good rain and 40mph winds. My hope is that there is some flooding that prevents me from getting to work, which means a three day weekend. This might sound really optimistic but one of my coworkers that was here for the last hurricane said that exactly what happened. How cool would that be? Right now there isn't any rain, but the clouds have started to move in and the wind is starting to pick up pretty good.

I just read that there are like 300 thousand folks without power in N.C. and Virginia. Of all the service I'd hate to lose electricity would be first, followed by phone, than cable. Its a pretty close toss up between phone and cable but when you take into account that I have dial up internet service at home, that gives the edge to the phone. Water of course is dead last.

Well its starting to get dark outside because of the storm, I'm guessing the rain can't be to far behind. I just saw on the weather channel that in N.C. they are telling folks who stay behind in the evacuated areas to write their names in magic marker on their arms so they could be identified later. If someone tells me to write my name on my arm for identification, I'm getting out of town. Maybe those folks have gold or something buried in their yards and thats why they want to stay.

Well its just now starting to rain. Now they are saying there are over 600,000 thousand folks without power in N.C. and Virginia. Hopefully the main path of the storm heads more westerly, although they did say that Washington D.C. is going to get 6 to 10 inches of rain. The real bummer I guess if you live in the worst hit areas is that your probably going to be without power for at least for a few days, thats the way it always seems to work. Luckily I get off at 6pm today so I'll get to follow the progress at home if we still have electricity. My boss gave me her battery powered alarm clock just in case though.

Raining pretty good now. One cool thing about having a hurricane nowadays is that you can follow the progress of the storm on the internet by radar and satellite, get minute by minute live updates with video feed, and half a billion opinions from meteorologists from all over the country. This is going to date me, but I remember back in the early eighties when your only weather forecast came from the the tv news and the meteorologist (who usually wasn't a meteorologist, but like that matters) had a big map of the U.S. with magnets in the shapes of clouds and rain drops and the sun with a smiley face. I remember occasionally they would show you a sattelite map but you couldn't figure it out cause it was just a map of the u.s. with white clouds all over the place. I guess what I'm saying is, some of this internet stuff is super cool.

9/18/2003 10:35:00 AM
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