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Monday, September 15, 2003


Well, what a crappy football day yesterday was for pro football in Pennsylvania. I could barely watch the entire Steelers game (although the first quarter was great). Just before that guy ran the kickoff back for a touchdown for the Chiefs I was thinking; "So long as they don't run the kickoff back for a touchdown, we'll be okay". Hats off to Priest Holmes though, that cat can run. I have no idea what happened to the Eagles, it looked like a high school team playing. Its either bad play calling by the head coach, Donovan McNabb not having his heart in the game, or their not as good as everyone thinks. Probably a mix of the first two cause they have a million talented players.

Okay I finally got a response from the local am station that doesn't have Dr. laura anymore. Turns out, Dr. laura is not getting very good ratings. I wonder if thats a national trend? Anyways, here's an excerpt from the email I recieved (I won't post the whole thing cause I asked about some other junk and it was a long email response);

"Yes, we removed Dr. Laura from our lineup on September 1, 2003. Only after two years of debate did we make the move, and it is based purely on ratings. In recent years her numbers just have not fallen in-line
with the rest of our programming. Laura often placed fifth , or worse, while the rest of the lineup places in first or second consistently. We did make an alternate offer in order to keep her as part of the lineup, which was rejected, based on Dr. Laura's own rules as to where and when her show can air. Dr. Laura is not being aired on any other local or regional broadcast facility at this time, so I cannot give you analternate frequency to listen to. It is my hope that you will come to enjoy Sean Hannity, who is the second highest rated talk show in the country. "

Yoko Ono to go naked for peace. I suddenly find myself in favor all out total nuclear war.

Last night my neighbor Spencer and I were drinking beer on my front porch (Spence suspects that there is a winter bees nest being built by bees under his porch, I did not even know there was such a think) around 7pm. A guy, running like heck, went by the porch and up the street. It kind of looked unusual because he was wearing regular cloths, not running cloths, and had this very weird look on his face. About a minute later a police car with it sirens blaring roared past us up the street in the same direction as the running guy. I've looked in the news and I couldn't find any crimes that have been recently reported and now its going to kill us not to find out if the cops were after that guy, and why.

9/15/2003 10:16:00 AM
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