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Friday, September 05, 2003


Well the good news is that I can now go to the YACCS Comments site and read my comments at work because work unblocked the site. The bad news of course is that YACCS is down until September 9th and I've not had anytime to find a replacement, if there are replacements. To bad blogger didn't have that built in. I really can't complain about blogger though, they haven't billed me for using blogger pro past the first year mark yet. Anyways, I'm off to McDonalds, not because I'm hungry, but only because I'm bored and it slow here at work.

'Lazy' Germans Urged to Work More to Revive Growth. I don't know about that, look what happend when they weren't lazy in 1941.

Okay, this is funny. I found this old post when I was cleaning out my email box (sometimes if blogger was down I would write post to my email and than copy and post it later), I'm not sure if I ever posted it. Obviously I was having a bad day. Some things I wrote though you have to take into the fact that it was almost a year ago, I'm guessing around the time Winona Ryder was arrested and before we invaded Iraq.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Oh, today was a sucky day. I had a truley sucky day at work. A true suckapalooza. A suckfest. A suck o' rama. Today sucked big time. How does this day suck? Let me count the ways. In Mexican, today would be called; "El Sucko". In Italian it would probably be referred to as "Suckolini". In French it would probably be referred to as every day since 1941. Of course if you were a dictator in Iraq, today would not suck so bad, as opposed to like a day a month from now or so. And if you just happen to be Fritz Mondale, today sucks cause, you know, darn it, I have to go back to work. And if you just happen to be some type of Russian terrorist, today sucks cause you're not around to see how much today sucks, which I guess sucks. If your a Baltimore Ravens fan today sucks, but not near as much as yesterday sucked. I'm guessing Winona Ryder thinks today sucked. As opposed to the folks who made the movie "Jack Ass", I'm guessing today does not suck for them. And of course some days suck, but in a good way, like the White Sucker Fish of Lake Michigan (and Huron, and Erie), in that case, every day you suck, well, its a good day. Cause if you are a White Sucker Fish (Catostomus Commersoni), well, sucking means good eating. Like me with a McDonald's chocolate soft ice cream. Or like the McDonald's Big Extra being on the Dollar Menu, I can suck one of them down in a minute. Heck, I wish I had a Big Extra to suck down right now.

According the book I'm reading "The Complete Book Of U.S. Presidents, by William A.DeGregorio", our 30th president Calvin Coolidge "was very fond of animals and at times could be seen strolling through the White House with a kitten or raccoon clinging about his neck." How cool is that?

Okay, time to go home soon. I had one of those new McDonald's Philly Cheese steaks (I'm now wondering if they only have them here in Pennsylvania) and I have to say it wasn't that bad. I certainly expected it to be much worse, but they got the cheese right and the meat isn't to bad. They offered dressing but I really think ketchup is the best on a cheese steak. It was a actually a pretty big sandwhich (well, hoagie) and for $4.99 with the medium coke and fries its not a bed deal. I doubt that price will hold up very long though. Yesterday on the way home I stopped at Arby's and had the chicken, swiss, and bacon sandwhich and was really disappointed. What I didn't realize is that you couldn't get a cheeseburgher at Arby's. Thats weird. I know they're big on the roast beef but you would think they would offer cheeseburgers (I really wanted a cheeseburger). So anyways I work all weekend, which stinks. I'll be back complaining tomorrow.

9/05/2003 12:18:00 PM
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