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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I found these questions at Betty's Blog. Its entitled 50 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me. For me though, its actually like 45 questions cause there were a few questions that were specifically for girls, and even though I've been accused of throwing like a girl, I really didn't think I could answer those questions.

1. Your name spelled backwards:I can’t answer this because my mom and dad use the internet and they would kill me if they ever saw the pictures I posted of them.
2. Where were your parents born? New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? An 30 second audio recording of a President Benjamin Harrison speech, oldest known recording of a President.
4. What's your favorite restaurant? Old Country Buffet
5. Last time you swam in a pool? Probably in 1993, for a few minutes, I have a fear of sharks in the ocean and a fear of alligators in any other body of water.
6. Have you ever been in a school play? I was always one of the construction crew in elementary plays so I was never actually on stage. I was stand in for a tree once though.
7. How many kids do you want? I don't know.
8. Type of music you dislike most? Polka.
9. Are you registered to vote? Yes.
10. Do you have cable? Couldn’t live without it.
11. Have you ever ridden on a moped? Nope.
12. Ever prank call anybody? When I was a kid, before caller I.D., we did it all the time.
13. Ever get a parking ticket? In 1993 I got a parking ticket while using my parents car cause mine was in the shop. I threw it away and a couple months later they got a summons to appear in court for not paying it. Good times were not had by all.
14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? Never, ever, ever.
15. Furthest place you ever traveled? Korea, which is about the farthest you can travel from Pennsylvania without being closer to PA.
16. Do you have a garden? An abandoned one, even though I had high hopes this summer.
17. What's your favorite comic strip? The Far Side, even though its not around anymore.
18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? Only the first verse.
19. Bath or Shower, morning or night? Shower, night.
20. Best movie you've seen in the past month? I watched Rocky 2 over the weekend, but I haven’t watched a lot of movies in the last month.
21. Favorite pizza topping? Jalapeno peppers.
22. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? Me and my friends actually did this when we were like 13 I think. We used a pipe that belonged to one of my friends fathers. We didn’t get a high or anything.
23. Orange Juice or apple? Neither. My juice of of choice is Kool Aid, Sharkleberry Fin.
24. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine? Last week me and my neighbor Spencer went to a bar down the road because for 15 dollars you got unlimited beer and crab cakes. I didn’t want to go but Spence wanted to and he was too much of a chicken because he didn’t want to go alone.
25. Favorite type chocolate bar? I don’t like chocolate.
26. When was the last time you voted at the polls? Last year.
27. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? This past Saturday.
28. Have you ever won a trophy? In little league baseball when I was little kid. I didn’t actually earn it, I just happened to be on a team that one three years in a row. I played right field about an inning a game and hit the ball only twice in three years. I also got a third place trophy in a karokee competition. I was one of three contestants.
29. Are you a good cook? I am an awesome cook.
30. Do you know how to pump your own gas? Yes.
31. Ever order an article from an infomercial? Nope.
32. Sprite or 7-up? 7-up.
33. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? In everyjob except the one I work now.
34. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy? Cough drops.
35. Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? I got one, but it ain’t the money.
36. Do you believe in love at first sight? I guess, although I think its very rare.
37. Ever call a 1-900 number? Yes, during the O.J. trial I called A.C. Cowlings 900 number to hear what he had to say. It cost a lot of money cause A.C. talked really slow.
38. Can ex's be friends? Yup.
39. Who was the last person you visited in a hospital? We visited a friend who just had a baby.
40. Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby? Yup.
41. What message is on your answering machine? We can’t come to the phone right now, leave your name and number and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
42. What's your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character? Colonal Lingus (Christpher Walken)
43. What was the name of your first pet? Tigger.
44. Favorite thing to do before bedtime? As of late, I’ve taken to having a hot cup of tea with a good splash of bourbon in it, I’ve slept fitfully for weeks.
45. What is one thing you are grateful for today? That I get off work early. (Of course and all that other stuff, you know, health and what not).

9/30/2003 08:43:00 AM
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