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Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Oh, today was a super pain in the rear. Twice a year our company (as some type of public service thing) invites a fourth or fifth grade elementary(sp?) class into the office as a kind of field trip thing. I don't mind having a bunch of munchkins running around the building at all (its kind of cute actually, having 30 little people running all over the place), but we all have to dress up and get in early and thats just a bummer. Last year my job was to make sure all the peanut butter and jelly sandhwiches in the lunchroom were cut into quarters and near each pb&j sandwhich at each table there was a carton of milk (like a little half carton, after their first hour tour of the company its usually lunchtime for the little boogers). This year my job was to explain to them how us folks at the telephone company are always here to answer a call from their parents when their parents say that their phone is not working (this must have been an easier job before cell phones, cause heck, no one could call us and complain about their phones not working, cause you know, their phones didn't work). I did the best I could explaining to the kids how when the call comes in we dispatch it to a repair person but I pretty much got a bunch of blank stares (can't blame them for that though, heck, I'm bored by my job). They did really dig my Finding Nemo screen saver though.

9/16/2003 07:47:00 PM
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