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Thursday, September 04, 2003


Today was a super weird day at work. I only had to go in for a about four hours to put commands into the computer system for the weekend. (part of my job is to put into the computer system commands during the weekend when hardly anyone is around, commands like when to fax this, or when to email that, its weird and complicated, a third of the time I mess it up, but the majority of the time I don't which is cool). Anyways what made it weird was it was a weekday and since theres a bunch of full time folks using up their vacation time before the end of the summer, almost all the folks at work today were temporary people I normally only see on the weekend. One cool thing about the company I work for, it that the temps that we use are the same temps that we used four years ago. Its like a full time job except someone else besides our company issues your paycheck. Half the time they make more than we do. Which is cool. Heck, sometimes I'm tempted to quit my job and work for the temp company so that I can do my job and get paid more for it. More tomorrow when I'm actually doing a full shift.
P.S. I noticed today that my comments thingy will not be back online till sometime next week. I so need to find a new comments thingy. Also my website email (my yahoo email) has been so spammed by emails from folks trying to get me to add my listing to certain search engine sites and other junk that my yahoo email is always over its limit so I had to dump that and use my regular email address (I got so much spam that regular email couldn't get through). In the last five days I've gotten like a hundred emails that were like 50kbs or larger and filled up my storage limit. Amazing that spammers would target a website that gets not a whole lot of traffic at all.

9/04/2003 07:49:00 PM
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