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Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Well my muscle aches went away (knock on wood), thank gosh. It seems like whenever I get he slightest physical ailment I'm always thinking its the beginning of some fatal disease. Its amazing when you look up on the internet "muscle aches" how many fatal diseases have that as symptom. Anyways today is a day off and I rarely get to post on days off cause there's so much junk I have to do at home (junk that I should be doing now). Yea, I get time to go on the internet before I go to bed but I usually end up looking at news and celebrity gossip and reading other blogs. I know like other folks that blog its kind of bummer when you don't get a chance to cause you know some folks that read your blog go there and see the same thing they red the day before. Since I rarely get the chance to post on days off I think what I'll do is just include my work schedule in my entries so that you would know if I'm going to blog the next day. Its weird, I used to never blog at work and only at home, and now I really only blog at work and never at home. The cool thing is, I get more done at home. Am I getting less done at work? Of course not. Really.
That was depressing.
I think there's a couple tricks to blogging at work. First of all is never tell anyone at work that you have a blog. Kind of like Fight Club. The first rule of work blogging is never tell anyone about work blogging. Most folks won't notice cause unlike Fight Club, with work blogging you don't get a black eye or anything. The second trick is to never mention the company you work for (some folks can do that, but generally most folks probably can't). I actually once reviewed a blog (Freeze The Flame) and the blog's author worked for the same company as I do but in another state. The only reason I was able to figure out that we worked for the same company was that he was writing about the layoffs at the same time I was (we both actually survived the layoffs) but he left the company some time ago for better things. I'd leave the company for better things but of course I'm to afraid of change. I don't think he even blogs anymore. Anyways the third trick I think is to never complain about the company you work for (especially if you mention their name). Even if you don't mention the company name its pretty easy for your company to figure out that you do work for them (heck, I figured it out with Freeze The Flame). I guess if you own a company there's something unsettling about seeing one of your employees rag you out on the web while your paying them to do something else. Kind of like if saw the guy who cuts my grass stop in the middle of cutting it and start talking to someone about how much of a jerk I am or something. I know thats a bad analogy but I never owned a company so thats the best I could do. The fourth trick is probably to clean your history folder out so that if someone just happens by your computer at work while your not there they don't accidentally go to your website cause of that internet explorer pull down bar thingy. Of course that doesn't help you if your company watches everything you do (don't they all?), but I guess every little bit helps. I know I work for a big company and they watch everything, I just kind of hope that my meanderings are just to small of a thing to notice. Of course I'm probably wrong on that, but oh well.
Okay, I got junk to do. I wonder why my Yaccs commenting hasn't worked for days?

9/03/2003 09:37:00 AM
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