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Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Wow, tons of cool stuff to blab about today. I was off work yesterday and pretty much spent the day checking on Court Tv because there is a verdict watch in the Michael Peterson case. My guess is that they'll aquit him. At first it seemed like he would be convicted (in the beginning of the trial) but it looks like the prosecution really stunk their case up at the end. Of course I'm the same person who thought Michael Skakel and David Westerfield might be aquitted (I still have my doubts about the Skakel conviction though).
Also Wildlife author killed, eaten by bears he loved. Thats Timothy Treadwell, you might remember him from being on David Letterman. He's also was on another show a few times, I think on Animal Planet or Discovery and seemed like a really super cool guy, I can't believe he would be so uncautious around bears. Of course the foremost tragedy is that he got eaten by the bears (and his companion), but also its a bummer that they had to kill two bears just to get the remains. The article makes a good point about "bearanoia" too. Total bummer all around.

This is kind of funny, yesterday all the news stations were talking about the California recall of course. Just about everyone was saying that it was going to be close and it my be well into today before they had any clear winner. I turned the tv on at 11pm to watch the local news and they promptly reported that Davis was recalled and Arnold had won.
I still can't read my comments thingy when I'm here at work. Tonight I have to do something about that.

Is the economy getting better? Today was free hotdogs day for everyone at work (they even brought in sauerkraut). We haven't had a free food day since before the layoffs last year. Back than it was pizza, but I'll take hot dogs, especially free ones. There's also cake but that disappeared pretty quick. They also brought in this huge bowl of chips but to many people have dipped their hands into it, so none of that for me.

10/08/2003 09:23:00 AM
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