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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


This is interesting. Here at work there is a design lady they are showing around and pointing out where certain cubicles are and what not. I wonder if that means they are going to shuffle the cubicles around. Last time they did that, there was a near revolt, and they ended up not doing it. Of course that was years ago and the folks that led the revolt were mostly laid off last year. Those of us that are left really aren't the revolting type. I'd hate to lost my spot near the window and the sunshine, but I wouldn't mind being closer to the television.

Launch nears for China's spacecraft. And just like billions of people around the world I'll be waiting to see if it will blow up. I just read that China said they will not televise it, that if it did blow up it would be a terrible thing for Chinese morale. The astrounaut must be just thrilled, I mean, if they are that worried about it blowing up...

Well, I haven't much talked about the Pittsburgh Steelers of late. It probably has something to do with us not being able to win games or score points, or not make mistakes. My guess is the problem is everyone floods the passing lanes when we're on offense because our running game is not good at all. Thats probably what it is. I doubt there are many teams that fear a running game led by Amos Zerouae (sp?). I mean, he's good player, but too often he can't make it past the line of scrimmage. I guess you can blame the offensive line for that to. Either or, I think if we were to lose another game before we win a bunch more, its pretty much over for this year.

10/14/2003 09:13:00 AM
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