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Wednesday, October 01, 2003


Okay, in about twenty minutes I am going to go down to the big conference room and take a nap. I can't believe I didn't discover that as a great napping place until recently (no one uses the big conference room since the layoffs last year, we use the little one now). I know I may be beating a dead horse but my afternoons at work are actually a lot more productive now and I am defintaly in a better mood at the end of the day. I just have to be careful not to let to many people know, or else others might start napping there. I do know one of my coworkers watches a soap opera down there between 2pm and 3pm, but that is way after my nap time.

British singer Matthew Jay dies at 24, "His act would appear to have been an impulsive gesture following a professionally difficult year and perhaps, a difficult day." Or in other words, he killed himself.

Well we had a new person start their first day today. She came in at 9am, took a break at 11am, presumably to smoke or drink some coffee, and she never came back. Thats the third new person we've lost in two months. I wonder what we could be doing wrong.

Well, our filtering software here at work has blocked out my comments on my blog, I can't imagine why. Maybe because its says "rate your music" and the software thinks thats music downloading or something. Anyways, I know can't read my comments until after I get at home, which is a bummer. I have to find a better comments system, I'm always messing up the YACCS one. I'd complain to work about it, but that would be hard to explain; "I'm trying to blog at work, and your software is just messing me up."

This is cool. The girl that was training this morning and walked out and quit, one of my coworkers just said that she left a frozen pizza (like a personal pizza) in the freezer downstairs. If she does not come back by tomorrow morning to claim it, we're going to have a lottery to see who gets it. My coworker said she knows it belongs to the girl that quit because she saw her put it in there this morning and its still there. Something like this happened once before a couple years ago at Christmas. We were having our annual "Secret Santa" gift giving and a girl quit two days before Christmas and her Secret Santa gift was a bottle of Bacardi Rum. We drew cards (high card gets the booze) to see who got the rum. Unfortunatly I drew a five (of hearts, I think) though.

10/01/2003 09:11:00 AM
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