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Saturday, October 18, 2003


This is a weird weekend. I had off yesterday (Friday), I work today, but than I have off tomorrow and Monday. Today is actually going pretty quick (knock on wood) too. One bummer though, the coffee machine here at work broke this morning and even though I've pretty much cut coffee out of my diet (and cut the need for Zantac as well) I'm dying for a cup. Its probably just because I can't have it, but now I'm actually thinking about leaving work for a little bit to go buy some.

Okay so I taped Scar Face last week off of USA and its the first time I've actually seen the uncut version. I really didn't see a whole lot of new scenes, and I really can't point out a scene that I've not seen before. Now the version of Casino they aired right before it had a bunch of scenes that I've never seen before and actually made the movie a lot better. Of course, Scar Face is a good movie with or without editing.

I've got a craving for chicken patties with melted cheese and tomoato sauce on them. That is all.

Okay it took some digging in my desk but I found some packets of Taster's Choice instant coffee. Its not great, but its better than no coffee. Also, did you know that phrase from Maxwell House Coffee; "Good to the last drop" is actually a qoute by Theodore Roosevelt. He said it while actually drinking the coffee. How cool is that?

10/18/2003 12:29:00 PM
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