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Thursday, October 16, 2003


This is so freakish. For the past few nights I've been staying up late and watching baseball, and I'm not even a big baseball fan. I guess I've been sucked into all the baseball hype. I watched both games last night and now I'm tired and hungover. Of course I'll watch the Yankees tonight. I really don't have a favorite baseball team, I was rooting for the Marlins pretty much cause they were the underdog. I have to say I'll probably be rooting for the Yankees tonight, of all the teams playing in the playoffs they're the only team whose games I've actually gone to now and again.

I still can't read my comments thingy here at work so if you commented in the last few days I won't get a chance to read them til tonight. I hate not being able to read comments.

Teens Losing 'Mallrat' Status. I was a mall rat in the eighties, but I'm fairly certain everyone else was. But back than I guess the malls loved us mallrats cause we bought so much (and worked there). I did notice that there are a lot more older folks working at malls now than when I was a teenager. I think the oldest person I ever saw working at the mall when I was growing up was the fifty year old guy working his Orange Julius stand. I wonder if they even have Orange Julius anymore.

Oh, and along the lines of the last post (this will so make me see old), our movie theatre had a smoking section. It was the upper section and when you were up there you could hardly see the movie screen with all the smoke sometimes. When me and my friends first started smoking that was a great place to go cause it was to dark for any of your relatives or parents friends to see you smoking.

How cheap am I? When I visit my parents up North, before I leave they always tell me to call them and let them know that I made it home safely. About 90 minutes after I leave they get a collect call from; "Made it home okay.".

10/16/2003 07:32:00 AM
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