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Friday, October 24, 2003


So now I'm on Prilosec for stomach acid. I took it for the first time yesterday and I didn't have any trouble at all last night, but I think I'm gong to wait a week and if nothing happens I'll declare the new medicine a success. The doctor confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger(sp?) probably had nothing to do with the stomach acid. She also told me that I should probably stop eating close to bedtime (probably not gonna follow that advice). I hate going to the doctor's, I'm always expecting them to tell me I have three months to live or something.

"Humans coule live for hundreds of years". With one big stinking hitch.

I just read that CBS had decided to put "The Brotherhood Of Poland, New Hampshire" on hiatus. If you remember I watched the first episode and really liked it. What I did after that was very smart. After seeing how great of a show it was, I knew immediatly that the network would cancel it, so I never watched another episode. That way I protected myself from being let down for the fiftieth time this year, it seems. Thats how I plan on approaching all new shows. I'll watch the first episode, and if its really good, I'll just never watch it again.

I just got a pretty interesting call from my significant other. Before I mention what it was about I'd like to say that my cat (who I've had for six years) Mr. Black, was near death, starving, shivering with snow all over his stray hair fur, when I decided to take him in. My guess is that he probably had maybe forty minutes to live when I took him in six years ago. Since then he's pretty much had the life of luxury; food out the wazoo, warmth in winter, cool air in the summer, treats, and table scraps. I've spent the last six years with Mr. Black sleeping at the bottom of our bed and I've spent many a night where it was impossible to get to sleep cause he has a snoring problem (and he also drools when he sleeps). How does he repay me? According to the call I just got, he repaid me by peeing on my only winter coat.

10/24/2003 08:10:00 AM
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