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Saturday, October 11, 2003


Apologies to the folks who came here in the last few days and read the same thing you read the last time you were here! Did you ever have a stretch of days where you weren't interested in doing anything? Like you just wanted to just barely make it through the week, veg out on your time off, and didn't give a rats rear end about anything? That was pretty much my whole last week. My main goal this entire last week was just to make it to the weekend, and my gosh I am having a good weekend. I didn't wake up until 11am today, and not to long after that I actually got to see an episode of MASH on one of the local network stations. It was only for a half an hour, but my gosh, it felt like I was getting my fix or something. I wonder how many other MASH junkies are going through withdrawel since FX decieded to stop showing like four episodes every morning. I watched the remake of PSYHCO on USA today pretty much cause nothing else was on. If you never saw the original Psycho it was okay, but you really have to see the unedited version without the commercials to like it. Although one cool thing about the edited TV version, the shower scene was a lot more like the original. In the unedited remake they really messed up the shower scene in my opinion.
I also watched a Val Kilmer movie on Sci Fi, it was about Mars, for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. It was a lot better than I expected. I might be biased though, ever since The Doors movie I am a huge Val Kilmer fan. Even though I am also a huge Doors fan I have to admit, in the Doors movie Val Kilmer sang a lot of the lyrics himself, and his version of "Not To Touch The Earth" I think was actually better than the Doors version.
My big plans for tomorrow is the 8pm showing of "Scar Face" with Ice-T doing the hosting. I love Scar Face and I can't believe I actually don't have it on tape. I also really dig Ice-T (although not his music really, his acting is awesome, i.e. "Surviving The Game"). I remember back when Joe Bob Briggs was hosting Monster-Vision on TNT he had Ice-T as a guest (one of his best guests). Joe Bob quite rightly pointed out that back when everyone was ragging on Ice-T for writing a song about a cop killer (he even lost his record contract and a ton of money because of that song), Clint Eastwood won an Oscar for portraying, in a movie, a cop killer (The Unforgiven). Of course outside of "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", the Unforgiven has got to be my favorite Clint Eastwood move. Bummer though that Ice-T got such a bum rap for just telling a story in a song (he really was just kind of telling a story in a song). Okay, I've blabbed enough.

10/11/2003 09:15:00 PM
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