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Friday, October 03, 2003


A Very Special AP Site Blog Entry!

Well here at your AP Site we're not going to get much of a chance to blog for the next few days. I've got a bunch of stuff I have to do at work this weekend (real work, as opposed to the non work I normally do), and on Monday I'll be up North with the Parents all day. Normally what I would do is just repost some of my old stuff from a year or two ago, thats because I hate going more than two or three days without posting anything, I mean after all, who wants to come to a blog and read the same thing they read yesterday. Thats like going to the newstand and buying the same paper you bought the day before. So what I decided to do is go to the AP Site Archives and repost something that is really-really- really-old, and odds are, none of the folks that read this blog now have ever seen this entry cause I doubt anyone was reading your AP Site this long ago.

Yup, I'm going to repost my blog entry from........ October 5th, 1985.

I was just barely 13 years old than, in junior high (8th Grade), and from what I remember, I wasn't linking to any blogs at the time. I'm fairly certain that 18 years ago there weren't any blogs linking to me either.

Ocotber 5th, 1985

Today started out like every other day. My sisters finally got out of the bathroom and left me with twenty minutes to take a shower, eat breakfeast, grab my stuff and make it to the bus stop. I just wish that when I do finally get into the bathroom in the morning that Dad would put a fan in or something, cause I can barely see the mirrors or my hand in front of my face because of the Aqua-Net fog. God help me if I ever light a match in the bathroom.

At the bus stop, John Harvilicz brought the May edition of National Geographic!! Did you know that the women in Africa don't wear shirts! My gosh! Me and Billy offered John two dollars for the magazine, he said he'd think about it (which means he wants three dollars for it).

Its the first school day of the month, so we got issued a Number 2 lead pencil and a tablet this morning. Thank God, cause I accidentally left my Trapper-Keeper and my pens at home.

Finally we have irrevocable proof that George Michael of "Wham!" is gay! Jimmy showed us a magazine picture of George Michael with an ear-ring in his right ear (not his left!) which so means he's gay. We're guessing he's probably gay for the other guy in Wham!. Which would explain why the other guy, who doesn't seem to sing any songs or play any instruments, is in the band and all the videos.

If you flip over your 45 Single of "Ninety Nine Red Balloons" by "Nina" you can hear the German version!!!

At our lunch table today the big argument was wether Freddy Krueger from "Nightmare One Elm Street" could kill Jason from "Friday The 13th". Of course most of us knew that Jason would kick his butt, but Randy and Jimmy argued against us. Billy said he heard a rumor that they were going to make a movie where Freddy fights Jason. That would be so cool! I hope they make it soon!

In study hall-me, Jimmy, John, and Billy all agree that if we could be any super hero it would be the "Invisible Man". Oh that would be so cool. So super cool.

Randy has his high-top sneakers laced up and double knotted. What a nerd. Someone is going to have to tell him that you are not supposed to tie them up at all.

Billy just called and said that his mom can take us to the school dance on Friday night and his dad will take us home when the dance is over. Thats the one good thing about Billy's parents divorcing, now it seems like they are both always trying to take him places, which means we always have rides to the dances and to the mall.

You want to know how to get five dollars for the dance on Friday from your mom and dad? Ask them for a few bucks just before Hill Street Blues comes on at 8pm, they'll do anything to get rid of you. Grandpa usaully will give you a couple bucks to when he comes over to watch it. Of course Gramps is always good for a couple bucks when he smells like beer.

10/03/2003 09:37:00 PM
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