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Thursday, November 13, 2003


Well, last night I spent almost an hour and a half creating the perfect turkey and rice soup (carrots, peas, corn, rice). I then let if simmer in its juices for about an hour at which time I had a big bowl of it (it was awesome) and went to bed. When I woke up this morning I realized that I forgot to put it in the fridge (left the pot on the counter top) and had to throw it all away. One of the cats managed to get the lid off and I had to spend about five minutes cleaning up the mess. I hope at least the cats enjoyed it.

Fijians say sorry for eating missionary. It's always polite to apologize.

Our department is getting all new computers next week, and I'm wondering if they'd let me have my old one, to keep. I mean, they're just going to throw it away. I'm trying to figure out how to ask them for it. Asking for stuff here at work is just like asking for stuff when you were a kid. You've got to wait until your parents are in a really good mood and spring the question on them. I found that here if you want the moon you have to ask for the stars. What I'm thinking of doing is asking for a raise, and then when they tell me no and feel bad about it, I'll ask for my old computer. With the monitor of course.

11/13/2003 08:20:00 AM
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