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Monday, November 10, 2003


I had a pretty good weekend off, although there really wasn't much on tv. I have been noticing an interesting trend in cable tv over the past three years; The Shawshank Redemption. Its probably one of my favorite movies but I don't think a weekend has gone by sense the turn of the century that it wasn't shown at least twice on one channel or another. Here's another cool piece of news; I won a 20lb Turkey! I entered a drawing at the supermarket a couple weeks ago and on Saturday morning they called me and told me that I was one of 15 people who one them. Since I am working Thanksgiving (of course) I picked up the turkey that morning and roasted it on Sunday. The hardest part of course was getting it to defrost on in 24 hours. They say you have to defrost it in your refrigerator for 2 to 4 days but that just takes up way too much time. I defrosted most of it in the microwave and used warm water to defrost the inside of the bird.

'Queer' Definition Changes With the Times. This is true of a bunch of other words too. I remember about a year ago I was at the mall with my niece Ashley and I was helping a guy figure out a lottery ticket dispenser (you know the automatic ones where you put the dollar in). It took a while but the guy figured it out. Ashley was waiting for me near I think K-Mart and asked me what was wrong with the machine and I said nothing, that the guy was "retarded" and needed help. She then yelled at me for calling the guy a "retard", and told me I should have said he had mental difficulties or something. When I grew up if you were mentally challenged you were retarded but I guess its not used that way anymore. I am very careful not to use "retarded" anymore, I use mentally challenged. Funny thing is last Christmas Ashley called me a retard for not eating pizza crust (I hate the crust). I reminded her of our conversation at the mall and she told me she wasn't making fun of the mentally challenged, she was making fun of me. So I guess "retarded" which was an okay term years ago is like "retard" now. I know "retard" was always a bad term (at least when I was growing up) but retarded was okay. Gosh I hope all that made sense.

I had a dream last night that I came home from work one day and Barry Williams (Greg Brady) lived in my house. He was baking something (he made a point of showing me his own special oven mits) and he said I'd really like it. He also told me that he dumped all the alcohol in the house down the toilet. He said that after I raked the leaves up in the backyard I could have a piece of the cake he was baking. I remember feeling really bummed out and wishing that I didn't have to rake the leaves at the end of a long day.

11/10/2003 08:05:00 AM
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