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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


I probably have the most boring job in the world (yea, I know thats a bold statement, but I think I can back it up). Pretty much every day I do the same thing, at the same computer, day after day. I come in at 9am and I have a bunch of stuck I have to read over the put into the computer, which a bunch of people more important than me read, and sometimes ask me a question or two. I'm pretty much done that by noon (I think I could probably get it done in an hour, but, you know). Than around noon I take my nap and eat lunch. In the afternoon I put a bunch of commands into the computer system so that the computer does a bunch of things after midnight (which means we don't have to have someone here all night). I'm usually done that around 5pm which is around when I usually go home. I've been doing this for going on seven years now, which is pretty incredible, considering the job hasn't changed one iota. The really amazing this is how much I really don't mind it at all. I guess I'm one of those millions of folk who have a boring job that is just absolutley nessicary (someone has to do the boring work), and I've become aclimated to the boringness of it. This actually does have some advantages (being used to having a boring job for so long);

1). The pay of a really boring job is usually not to bad, and neither are the benefits, pretty much because not a whole of folks want to do it.
2). Long weddings, chruch services, funerals, dance recitals, plays etc.. You know how boring that can get? I really have no problem with them at all. I can sit through a two hour school play or 90 minute church service without any problem at all.
3). Grocery lines. Years ago I used to get upset when I had to spend forever in a line because someone ahead of me had a billion coupons or their order was messed up. It really doesn't bother me that much anymore.

One other thing I noticed, during all the layoffs last year when they got rid of over half the folks in the company, I noticed everyone who has a boring job was not laid off. Maybe that means the more boring your job, the safer your job is.

Theatrics, Lip-Synching Shape TV Awards Shows. Really, most of the awards shows a pretty much one two hour long episode of Solid Gold. I used to love solid gold until I realized they were lyp synching, thats was my first experience with the fact that folks sometimes sound terrible singing live. I also hated how Solid Gold would go through the top ten and sometimes only do a small snippet of say, the number to song or something, but play the whole number 5 song. It seemed like the songs I wanted to hear were always the short snippets. I do remember my sisters going nuts over Air Supply being on the show. They didn't much care about the singing though, they were just going nuts over the fact that the guys were wearing Jordache jeans.

I'm wondering if it is socially acceptable to bring a pillow with me to work to use during my naps in the conference room. A good sized pillow would be great, although it would probably mean I would nap longer than I should.

11/18/2003 07:07:00 AM
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