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Thursday, November 06, 2003


Today so far is a super cool day at work. We had a lot of vendors and folks from other companies visit this week and when they come they always bring cool stuff as gifts. My take so far today (we divide the gifts up equally);
1). A t-shirt from Adobe Creative Suite (The Adove Acrobat people).
2). A coffee cup from Software Mart.
3). A caribiner/compass/time piece from Borland. (It looks really neat, kind of outdoorsey).
4). A pen from MicroSoft (And not some cheap bic, it looks like a Dr. Gripp or something). Gifts from Microsoft are always cool, they know how to make you happy.
5). And this is the best, today a guy from a publishing company (I forget the name) is bringing Subway Subs in for lunch for all of us.

Cancer Survivor Testifies Against Rosie. Yeesh. Incredible that she would say such a thing.

I am super psyched, I just saw on the TV that A&E is showing two new Horatio Hornblower movies in December. I cannot get enough of those movies. I was never much into sea movies until I saw them. Now I want to be a sea captain. I'd think I'd do pretty good so long as I didn't actually have to get in the water with the sharks. All the hard work would be a downer, but the captain's job looks pretty easy.

Well we actually ended up not getting Subway cause the client came in and asked us if we had a prefrence to what we wanted and we all decided on the italian place down the road, so I ad a cheesteak sandwich with onions and extra sauce. Here's a bummer, I have to take the car to the shop tomorrow for an alignment. I was driving home yesterday and I noticed the car had a tendency to push to the right. I think it must have happened when I ran up on the curb a couple weeks ago.

11/06/2003 06:39:00 AM
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