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Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Well I had an unexpected bit of goodl luck this morning. I was checking out the backyard before work to see how much leaf raking I would have to do this weekend and it looks like the windstorms of last week have pretty much taken all the leaves from our maple tree and blew them back behind our house onto the property of the chocolate factory that is behind us. I guess procrastinating can sometimes be a good thing cause I was going to start raking the week before last but got busy (lazy). I guess the leaves disregarded the big "no tresspassing" sign. I just hope the chocolate factory takes care of them before we get another windstorm that puts them back in my yard.

Gov. Appoints Lawyer for Billy the Kid. This is about Ollie "Brushy Bill" Roberts, who all his life said he was Billy the Kid (which is possible). Well he's buried in Texas (Silver City) and bunch of folks want to exhume him and see if its really Billy The Kid. It looks like the mayor is against it, and I can't figure out why, considering all the folks that want to see if it is really him. For the sake of history we really should know. Although maybe the mayor of Silver City thinks that if we find out that its not Billy The Kid, they might lose tourism money.

A cool link Darcy pointed out to me; How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog. In the article there was a guy who took a picture of something at Microsoft and got fired for it. I remember, I think a few months ago, I was thinking about taking a picture of my cubicle and posting it here, but I thought better of it and just listed the contents of my desk drawers instead.

Speaking of work though, the big deal this afternoon is the Michael Jackson press conference, which we hope to be watching here live.

Disclaimer-Having the television on here at work does not prevent anyone from fulfilling their duties to the best of their ability, just as having a radio on does not. Although whenever someone comes over the intercom and says someone has a call on line one or something, thats sometimes annoying. I mean, if the persons in the bathroom and not at their desk, they can't answer line one. Thats why we invented voice mail isn't it? And besides, whenever an announcement comes over the speakers its always interupting the one time during the day that the radio station is playing a good song. Oh my gosh, I better stop writing now.

One thing that has me puzzled. They have Michael Jackson's bail set at $3 million dollars, but someone just told me that you only have to post like ten percent of that to get out on bail. Why don't they just post it at the ten percent mark? I guess I'm just not hip with how that stuff works. Which I guess, is probably a good thing. I did get a parking ticket once, but it was in my mom's car so I ignored it (they were just thrilled when they got the summons in court).

11/19/2003 07:45:00 AM
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