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Monday, November 24, 2003


I usually look forward to posting on Monday mornings cause its the first day of the week and I like to start that off on a good note (and usually Mondays are slow days at work so I usually have plenty of time to blog). But today started off stinky and got worse. First thing, Mondays are car pool days. I carpool on Mondays and Fridays with four other people (which means there's only three days out of every week where I get to choose the radio station, but thats okay, we all save money. Except of course when its my week). Well anyways, my coworker who was doing the driving this week had when heck of a flu bug or something and spent most of the drive coughing and wheezing. And it wasn't one of those slight or hacking coughs, it was a deep down bronchial gross cough (at one point in time my one corworker in the back seat tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that I should be ready to grab the steering wheel cause I was sitting up front and she was afraid our driver would cough herself into unconsousness(sp?)) . Of course this morning was really cold and normally we keep the windows u[, but me and my two other carpool folks kept the windows down pretty far so we didn't catch the germs from our driver. I'm so sure that didn't work and I'll probably be sick as a dog come Thanksgiving. If your that sick you should call in or something. Heck, if I have barely a sniffle I seen an excuse to call in. Of course we got stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident as well. I love carpooling cause I don't have to deal with the traffic (its cool to be a passenger in rush hour traffic) and I'm hardly ever late on carpooling days, and if I am late, that means three of my other coworkers are late too so its not such a big deal. Its also cool to carpool in the winter cause when you get into the car its already really warm (you don't have to wait for the heater to kick in). Unfortunatly this year, no one in our carpool group has an SUV, so the winter will be pretty tricky. My Hyundai is okay in the bad weather, and so is my one coworkers Honda, but we have one rear wheel drive Thunder Bird and a Crown Victoria in the pool and they are just horrible in the snow. Why my one coworker traded their SUV in for a Thunder Bird is beyond me, we all counted on her to get us to work on snowy days. This should be an interesting winter. At least I have chains for the Hyundai this winter.

Of course we've all heard of the phrase "Ship Of Fools", but how about "Pack Of Idiots."?

11/24/2003 08:30:00 PM
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