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Saturday, November 01, 2003


Well I haven't had a chance to post anything cause my dad had another stent put in his heart on Wednesday, and I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday at the hospital. My dad has a heart procedure like once every three years. He excerisizes and takes all him medication, but he also has an afinity for pastry. Half the bookshelf of his den is pastry cook books. I have to admit, it is very nice having a pastry chef in the family. Anyways, after spending almost two days in the hospital (I went home at nights) I've found out some interesting things when it comes to hospitals (as far as I'm concerned).

1). When I'm in an elevator with a hospital patient that is obviously sick or very old I feel guilty because I'm standing there perfectly healthy while they're in a wheelchair or lying on a gurney. I feel so guilty that when I get on the elevator and I see that the floor I want is before theirs, I hit the button for the floor after them so I don't get off first. I guess its par for the course though, eventually we all end up as the person in the wheel chair though.

2). I can't tell the hospital orderlies, from the nurses, or from the doctors. They all dress the same so I don't know if its a person that changes the trash cans or the person doing brain surgury. Sometimes they have stethoscopes so that helps, but not much. A lot of doctors don't seem to carry them and nametags are kind of rare too.

3). This probably makes me a freak, but I love the hospital cafeteria. Whenever I have to visit someone I always try to find out where the cafeteria is. I'm a cafeteria junky no matter where it is.

4). In the movies and tv whenever an alarm or beeping sound goes off people come rushing into the room. In real life it seems there are always beeping things and alarms going off and everyone pretty much ignores it. If you do call the nurse they come in, hit a button, and than leave.

5). This is a funny story (although it doesn't have anything to do with my recent hospital experience). One of the people I went to school with is a doctor now that does time in an emergency room, like once a week. I asked her if it was anything like E.R. on tv. She said it pretty much was except most of the time its a lot more boring and everyone doesn't have sex with all their corworkers.

11/01/2003 09:22:00 AM
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