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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Well I haven't blogged much cause this wicked snow storm has been on my mind for the past few days and I've had to work everyday of it. Things worked out though cause I made it in yesterday just as the storm was beginning to get bad and the company I work for got me a hotel room last night, so I really don't have to do any driving until tonight, and it looks like the roads will be passible now. Its so weird sleeping in a bed without a cat or two. You've got to love those little coffee pots that make like three cups of coffee. When I woke up I watched this Western movie with Henry Fonda and the guy that played Norman Bates (for he life of me I can't remember his name even though I loved all of his pshycho movies-especially number three which he directed). I pretty much think Henry Fonda was the greatest actor ever. I have a coworker who met him in Vietnam and said he was one of the nicest guys he ever met (and even brought in a picture of the two).

Dime debate pits Reagan against FDR. I remember tackling thie subject of changing currency a few weeks ago, except I was only blabbing about the bills and not the coins. So putting all politics aside and assuming you are going to put Reagan somewhere , I kind of think FDR is good on the dime cause he's not on any other currency. Probably if your going to put Reagan on anything the best bet would probably be the ten dollar bill (I just don't dig that Hamilton guy too much I guess, I'm a Burr man at heart). Although my first choice for the ten would be Theodore Roosevelt or John Kennedy (but John Kennedy already has a coin so maybe not him). Or rather replace Pres. Grant from the 50 and put Reagan there, and than put Roosevelt on the ten (or Kennedy). Or kick Jefferson off the two dollar bill (since he's got his coin and put Reagan there). That would probably drum up interest in the two dollar bill.

12/06/2003 10:40:00 AM
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