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Monday, December 29, 2003

Whoo hoo!!! We're back here at Your AP Site! I just got my wrist cast off and its alot easier to type (although its weird how my left hand gets fatigued (sp?)) so quickly (atrophy?). Rereading my last post it looks like I said I broke my left arm, but I really didn't, the muscles were just bruised really good (the most painfull thing about it all was my cracked rib, my gosh, the first few days it hurt to breath, but thats cool now). Anyways, more tomorrow (I get to go to the dealership and pick out a new car to finance since my Hyundai was wrecked). BIG TIME thanks to everyone who left comments and good words for me!! Super cool (thank you!)!! I so can't wait to describe the whole accident (it is so weird to have an air bag blow off in your face, I was smoking a cigarette at the time, thank gosh I had it away from my face when the airbag went off).

12/29/2003 08:57:00 PM
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