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Thursday, January 08, 2004


I have been so super busy here at work that I haven't had a chance to blog. Hopefully I can blab steadily for awhile now that things have slowed down. Is "slowed" a word? I just typed it and it doesn't look right. Kind of like the word "theater", it looks better when you spell it "theatre". I think the british do it that way.

I was just at the insurance office buying a policy for a new car and in the waiting area they had the new National Geographic that had a lot of stuff about Mars. I was paging through it and looking at some really beautiful pictures of Mars (and even commented about the one picutre to my insurance agent). She politley told me I was looking at an aerial vew of Montana (which was also featured in the new issue). I felt as silly as I did a couple years ago when I watched brain surgury for twenty minutes on TLC before I realized that they were actually operating on a knee.

I just red that the judge in the Scott Peterson case is allowing the trial to be moved out of Modesto. If I was the judge I'd move Mr. Jerkface's trial to Texas.

If all my pictures are showing up as little red X's its because I screwed something up.

A couple Polish divers giving champagne to a Carp (fish).

breakfeast- Cheese omelot, homefries with/onions
lunch- Chicken parmejan(sp?), rice, corn
dinner- Pork, saurkraut, mashed potatoes

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