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Thursday, January 01, 2004


Back at work. Even though I had to get into a car accident to get a couple weeks off, its kind of a bummer when eventually you do have to go back. I was so getting used to watching tv all day and hanging around doing nothing. One bummer though, for the last two weeks my neihgbor Spencer was on vacation and so everyday around noon he would come over for a couple hours. I can handle Spence once a week, but every day is just a little too much. I think I mentioned once before that he's got this annoying habit of just helping himself to anything in the house and I actually caught myself buying extra stuff while shopping last week because of him. He says he comes over to help (which at first was just fine, I was bored out of my mind), but after the first few days I got the impression that he was just trying to get away form his wife for a few hours a day. That or his wife won't listen to him blab constantly anymore.

So anway, this is how it happened. I was on the interstate and I was approaching construction and single lane traffic. I slowed down to probably about 35 miles an hour (as per the traffic sign of course) and just as I was approaching the single lane out of the corner of my eye this car comes zipping around me trying to beat me to the entrance of the single lane traffic. Well, he didn't beat me to it, he got there just as I was (it happened so quick I might as well have been in the back seat taking a nap, there was so little I could do about it). So this jerko instead of hitting the concrete divider, turns into my car and makes me hit the concrete divider. I didn't hit it head on, cause after he hit me (on the left side of the car) I swerved right and just kind of smacked it with the left side of the car and then went into this shallow ditch (although I don't remember going into the shallow ditch cause at that time the air bag had blown off and I swear I think I blacked out for a second). At first, after the car stopped my first thought was (Yay, I'm alive!), and than I thought (darn, this car is trashed). Next thing I know there's this kid with really weird hair and a goatee (later when I got into the ambulance I saw him get into his car and it had a "Nader 2000" bumper sticker, I don't know why that sticks out in my head), saying "Dude, are you okay?". And I said yes cause my wrist really didn't feel bad til a few seconds later when I tried to open the door and it hurt like heck. Well the Nader dude tried to open the door and it was just to smashed so I had to go out the passenger side. After I got out I remembered I was smoking (and thinking that the left side of my body hurt, my rib, although it felt like all of them were broken) and the Nader dude crawled into the car and got the cigarette for me (which I actually smoked) while the Nader dude called 911 on his cell phone (he thought the pain in my side might be internal injuries). Well it ended up that there wasn't any need to call 911 cause the State Police had a helicopter doing speed checks over that part of the interstate and while he was making his call we heard the siren from a police car (also a mile down the road a state police officer was pulling over the guy that hit me, he told them he wasn't trying to get away but no one is really buying that). So the police officer comes over and asks me if I'm okay and I say my wrist hurts and my side hurts (and the Nader dude tells the police officer that I should probably sit down cause of possible internal injuries, at which time the police officer tells me to just sit back and relax that an ambulance is on the way). So while the ambulance is getting there the police ask us (me and the Nader dude cause he saw the whole thing) what happened and the Nader dude gets my cigarettes out of the car so I can smoke more (and he bums a few off me which was so totally okay with me). I actually have the Nader dude's name now but I really shouldn't put it on the internet I guess. (to be continued later).

So the ambulance comes and the police officer asks me if there's anyone he should call and let know about the accident and I give him some numbers and I go to the hospital. This was my first ride in an ambulance, so that was kind of freaky. After they checked me out and I got in they didn't turn on the sirens so that was pretty cool. I remember thinking that if they put the sirens on I must have really serious injuries (like the Nader dude thought was possible). At this point in time I started thinking, what the heck is going to happen to the car and all the stuff in it? I had a bunch of junk in there (and some leftovers). Later on I found out my significant other told them where to tow it. At this point in time my wrist really started to hurt. Now this is the freaky thing, I don't remember my wrist hitting anything that caused it to break. I remember the whole accident, but I can't remember my wrist hitting anything (the paramedic said thats not unusual). He said it probably happened at the same time the air bag blew off, but having an airbag blow off in your face is such a jarring thing its hard to focus on anything else happening at the time. I saw on tv once that people who had an airbag go off in their face usually have puffy kind of bruised faces, and I asked the paramedic if I looked puffy or anything and he said no. I told him I wanted to know because of the tv show I saw cause I didn't want him to think I was vain or anything. Okay, part 2 of the Big Accident tomorrow.

1/01/2004 09:26:00 AM
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