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Friday, January 09, 2004

Well it looks like my pictures aren't working again. I bet it has something to do with my internet service provider. My email doesn't work either. I'll have to call them later. Its a total bummer but I'm to tired to be bothered with it now. Hopefully it can get resolved before Monday. I'm wondering if since I got my new credit card and my old one expired last month if thats not the issue. Come to think of it, I bet it is. My service provider, come to think of it, has sent me some email (before it stopped working) but I thought it was just their newsletter stuff they send to everyone. In the future I should probably read all my email.

So I watched The Apprentice last night (you know, that show with Donald Trump). It was pretty good I guess. The guy I wanted to go of course ended up staying. I can't pick out anyone I really like yet, but I'm sure I'll pick a favorite. I wish I had Donald Trump's money. Or at least 1 percent of his money. Or half of one percent. Heck, I'd take the spare change in his pocket if he'd give it to me. I don't think I could work for him though.

Darcy got hit by a virus, which is bad. What is good is she found a free virus scan website. Thats cool cause I let my Norton virus protection expire. Whats really funny is the main reason I am posting the link virus scan site is cause I can't email it to myself (see today's 12pm entry) and I want to check it out tonight.

There is this huge company meeting this afternoon with an important person from out of state and I actually one the lottery to stay back and watch the phones, whoo hoo! I know its good to have company meetings but sometimes I just don't understand the business jargon they use when describe profits in a billion different terms. Also, bonus time isn't til next month so I'd rather not go.
breakfeast-1 bear claw, I woke up late and got to work late, I was very disapointed in only having time for one bear claw
lunch- 2 hot dogs with saukraut (seems to be a saurkraut week), bowl of chili
dinner-nothing yet, going to Hoss's where I'll have a steak (as rare as the law will allow) and baked potato

1/09/2004 11:16:00 AM
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