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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Whoo hoo! Blogger finally invited me to do that Gmail thing. Which of course I will do cause five thousand email accounts is not enough. I'm also going to solve my picture problem tomorrow.

I had way too much fun on Sunday night, so there was no Monday posting, I guess you can say alcohol was a factor.

According to my significant other, last night I had one wild night of sleeping walking. She said I woke up, announced I had to use the bathroom, then went into the kitchen. I at half a chocolate bunny, drank a glass of milk, and talked to her about the movie "Amazon Women From Mars" four about five minutes, went to the bathroom and went back to sleep. My significant other stays up while I sleep walk cause once I tried to leave the house. This happens like once a month, and I've been doing it most of my life. I would love to know what causes it. Only recently have I started eating while sleep walking though.

"We have only one thing to say in our defense; Dr. Atkins. Moo."

4/27/2004 09:17:00 AM
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