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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well I had pretty uneventful Monday and Tuesday off, I pretty much just watched two episodes of Columbo on Bravo, which was super cool cause on Monday the killer was William Shatner and on Tuesday it was Leonard Nimoy.

Okay, so CBS showed a couple pictures from the Princess Diana crash, I didn't get chance to see it cause I didn't even know it was on. Now here's the ethical dilemma. Is it cool to show a picture like that? I don't know about that (and really don't care for the whole ethics argument or any arguments, as Rex from Toy Story would say "I don't like confrontations!". Am I going to look at the picture on the internet when I get home? Of course. I mean who hasn't seen the Zapruder film a gazillion times?

"Tamales are made of packets of maize dough with a savory or sweet filling, typically wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves. They often contain pork or chicken. "

For the last three hours I've been stuck in the yearly training thing that I forgot about. Luckily I I ate lunch right before it started. Some other folks here forgot about it too and had to starve through most of it. I did notice a few folks took like fifteen minute bathroom breaks (probably scoffing down lunch). These training sessions are tough if you are a smoker, although just like high school, you fake like you have to go to the bathroom.

Oh my gosh, I forgot to give a Floppers update. The rehab place can't take Floppers until Monday (well they could, but they asked that me if I could hold onto him for a few days cause nothing looks broken, that would be great). I've been giving him bird seed but someone here at work recommended mealy(sp?) worms. So I went to the Getty mart where they sell bait and they wanted 3 dollars for 20 mealy worms (I only have $2.73 now, tomorrow's payday YAY!), so I went to the sporting good store and they sold me fifteen mealy worms for $1.95, and after I paid unto Ceaser (6 cents on the dollar here in Pennsylvania) I still had enough for a can of coke. Yea, I feel bad for the worms, but I don't think Floppers cares much for the seeds.

4/22/2004 08:16:00 AM
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