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Monday, May 31, 2004


Happy Memorial day, of course I'm at work.

So yesterday I noticed while using the computer at home I kept on getting erros like "your systems is dangerously low on rescoures", and I had weird pop ups coming up all the time (even when I wasn't visting new web pages). And in the last two weeks I noticed I had to keep changing my homepager for internet explore (its was going to some ad thing I think). Well yesterday was the worst, the computer was going really slow even though I was signed on at a decent speed. So I went to Trend Micro (I'll post a link later) and ran their virus scan and sure enough I had five viruses (two looked like trojan horses, they were Trojan Silent, and Trojan something else). The Trend Micro place got rid, but then I went into windows explorer, than windows, than temporary internet files. There were like 20 folders and some of them had over 2000 cookies in them! It took an hour to get rid of them all (each folder took like five minutes to elimanate the items inside) and after I was done I'm guesstimating I eliminated over 15,000 cookies and other junk that took up nearly a half gigabyte of space. I just can't, for the live of me, figure out how I got these viruses. Can you get a virus from just visiting a web page? Luckily none of them did any damage to my hard drive.

Breakfeast-2 sausage biscuits, hashbrown, coffee.
Lunch-Pork and saurkraut, mashed potatoes
Dinner-BBQ chicken, rice, (maybe peas)

5/31/2004 11:05:00 AM
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